Five Arab Films to See at BFI London Film Festival 2017

These are my top picks of feature films from/about the Arab world at the BFI London Film Festival. I've only watched one so far - The Nile Hilton Incident which I strongly recommend you don't miss. Click on each title for more information, schedule and ticketing details.   

Lebanon Factory
Dir Ahmad Ghossein, Lucie La Chimia, Shirin Abu Shaqra, Manuel Maria Perrone, Una Gunjak, Rami Kodeih, Mounia Akl, Neto Villalobos
2017 | Lebanon-France | 70min  

A portmanteau feature that is an often laugh-out-loud portrait of Lebanon and all its myriad charms and idiosyncrasies.

The Nile Hilton Incident
Dir Tarik Saleh
2017 | Sweden-Denmark-Germany | 107min 

A murder investigation is mired by bureaucratic corruption in this dark Egyptian thriller, where everyone is on the make. 

Sheikh Jackson
Dir Amr Salama
2017 | Egypt | 93min  

Sheikh Jackson follows a hardline Islamist preacher who yearns to moonwalk again after the death of singer Michael Jackson.

Dir Nabil Ayouch
2017 | France, Morocco, Belgium | 109min  

Five separate tales intertwine to tell the story of Moroccan society past and present. 

Dir-Scr Annemarie Jacir
2017 | Palestine | 96min

An estranged father-son relationship in the vibrant city of Nazareth makes for an immensely entertaining drama by Palestinian director Annemarie Jacir. 

Images and text via BFI London Film Festival 2017