Fighter by Khawla Al Marri



Khawla Al Marri is an artist from Dubai who aims to create cultural awareness in all her work. She says her work involves adopting and learning from the works of Warhol, Van Gogh and Picasso and merging it with "a taste of life in her native UAE". 

Khawla's first solo show, Fighter will feature a series of paintings portraying  women as warriors in the Arab world. It will open on 25th April at Ara Gallery and will be on till 2nd June 2012. 

The story of 'Fighter' is a powerful mix of two subjects, a fact from Arabia which is the existence of Arab women warriors in history, warriors who fought bravely with all their heart making their mark in books till this day.

The other merged subject is the power and positivety of modern women in this region. The fact was taken and linked to seven existing names close to the artist, all that are females who spread positivety.

The war zone is linked to life and its difficulties. The female warriors spread color and color is another beautiful description of 'life'.