Fendi's Fatto a Mano with Meera Huraiz

Fendi's Fatto a Mano (made by hand) is a global project that has some of its top crafters working alongside independent artists creating pieces of art using leftover materials from the classic label's workshops.

The project is travelling across cities like London, New York, Milan, Seoul made a stop in Abu Dhabi and Dubai last week. Meera Huraiz was chosen for the collaboration in the United Arab Emirates. She created a carpet by "breaking down the conventional shape of the carpet".

I love that this project is focusing on handicraft and craftsmanship and I wish more collaborations like this can happen here. In this video, Meera Huraiz says "very few people would value the process that it takes to finish an artwork" - sadly a reflection that many focus on the final product and it's final value and disregard the time and effort that goes into creating something unique. Hope this is a start of bringing back the art of handicraft in this country. 


Article about Fatto a Mano in the United Arab Emirates: Emirati artist heads Middle East leg of Fendi project


(via The National