Exhibition - Wael Hattar: Sold Out at Rotanda Gallery

My friend and Dubai Film Festival and podcast partner in crime Wael Hattar is exhibiting a new installation titled Wael Hattar: Sold Out at Rotanda Gallery in the American Univeristy in Dubai. The newly commissioned piece is up between 10th - 28th January and Wael will give a talk about his work on 13th January at the gallery.  

Wael Hattar is a Dubai based artist who has had sucess both here and internationally. His multidisciplinary approach and use of a wide spectrum of materials and concepts makes his work appealing to a broad audience. He is most definitely someone that our students should be aware of.

Prof. Michael Rice

About the exhibition:

"Wael Hattar: Sold Out" is a study on the current "social" aspect of the commercial art world. As an installation, this consists of smaller elements via self portraits through different media and an interactive element of voting.

Having studied design and film in Beirut and London, Wael Hattar balances his penchant for the conceptual with his experience in media and advertising. Working in this commercial field for almost 15 years, he has become an expert on branded content, winning awards regionally and globally.

Two perspectives present in his practice, of media and advertising, often result as a hybrid world between art and business.

Wael has participated in several regional and international residencies, from smaller group exhibitions to larger commissions and production, including for the Triangle Arts Foundation in New York and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Event details
Opening on 10th January 2016, exhibition will be on till 28th January 2016
Artist talk on 13th January at 6.00 pm (event page on Facebook)
Venue: Rotanda Gallery, American University in Dubai, Building A - School of Architecture, Art and Design (location map)