Exhibition: Coastal Promenade by Camille Zakharia

© Camille Zakharia - Hut 17 Karzakan Bahrain

© Camille Zakharia - Hut 17 Karzakan Bahrain


Art Sawa's latest exhibition, Coastal Promenade by Camille Zakharia is a photographic essay (it was part of the Reclaim project which won Bahrain the Golden Lion award at the Venice Biennale for Architecture 2010).

Coastal Promenade illustrates the diversity of the coastal landscape along the shores of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The images range from the more darker themes of the ecological effects of land reclamation to a lighter look at the way in which their users are appropriating these coastal areas. The exhibition includes a wide variety of Camille Zakharia’s works, ranging from his landmark photo collages and artist books, to photomontages and straight photography.

In his work, Zakharia explores segments of his daily life activities while reflecting on the broader issues related to the notions of home, identity and belonging in the context of the globalized condition. The outcome is thousands of individual images constituting blocks that construct larger subjects; people and places, transformed urban settings, architecture and interiors. In this sense, his work goes beyond mere autobiographical documentation to reflect upon the human condition in today’s world.

I saw Zakharia's photos a few months ago, at a group exhibition called My Father's House at The Brunei Gallery in London, and really liked his approach in documentating his surroundings. So personally, I'm very happy he has a solo exhibition at Art Sawa with this series which I've been wanting to see  ever since I first heard about the Reclaim project.


Exhibition details

Opening: Tuesday, 22nd February from 7.30-10.00pm.

Exhibition will run till 22nd March 2011

Location: Art Sawa in Al Quoz (location map)

Phone: +971 4 3408660