Dubai Colouring for Mindfulness by Brusselssprout


In 2011, I featured Dubai Graphic Enyclopedia, a graphic and visual portrait of the city by Brusselssprout.

They now have a new publication, Dubai Colouring for Mindfulness, an edition of two books featuring a visual and graphic compilation of Dubai and its past, present and future..

The first book, Old Dubai, looks at the city’s past, while the second book, New Dubai is about an “excursion across its recent achievement and the future of the city”.

Both books contain more than 60 sketches for colouring featuring Dubai’s buildings, people, dress, transport, animals and more - documenting its ”cultural patterns, visual vocabularies and iconic grammar” that are unique characteristics of the city. 

Mindfulness, in its fundamental essence, proposes paying attention consciously in the present moment in a non-judgemental manner.

The books thus strive to grip the essence of present Dubai, documenting its attempts to maintain its past and traditions while creating a fascinating new future – all with the hope that our brains will eventually find relief from the very contemporary problem of having to constantly adapt to fast-happening events and maybe even uncover items that shed light on the question ‘What’s it all about?’.

There is something soothing about colouring books and I suppose a book like this would be a good exercise in thinking about the constant changes in this city, which for me ranges from frustration to sadness, and to perhaps let go of what’s gone, appreciate what is still around and be open to what’s coming ahead. Perhaps.

If you live in Dubai, you can find the books in the Art Jameel Shop in Jameel Art Centre, Jashanmal, Kinokuniya and The Lighthouse. The books can be purchased online too, each one is for USD 25.

Here’s a look at the two books:

Dubai Colouring for Mindfulness Book 1 : Old Dubai

Dubai Colouring for Mindfulness Book 2 : New Dubai