Downtown Tribes

Downtown Tribes is a documentary commissioned by STR.CRD™ and was filmed in Johannesburg during STR.CRD™ 2012, Africa's leading annual youth event which serves to expose all facets of urban culture through fashion, music, photography, sneakers, graffiti, skate and dance. 

Downtown Tribes is a STR.CRD™ commissioned short documentary that celebrates the idea of 'the Ornate African' who comes in different shapes, colours and sizes and most importantly, dress. As well as exploring the modern African as a beautiful amalgamation of a diverse history both colonial and tribal.

Written and directed by Amirah Tajdin, this series of video portraits make up a film that documents street style amidst the confines of one of the continent's oldest urban centers, the city of Johannesburg.

Archival photographs of 'Ornate Africans' are juxtaposed against the interviewees who give their take on what African street culture/style/life means to them.

We're hardly exposed to street culture from cities in Africa, at least in my part of the world, and it looks like there are some very interesting characters featured in this documentary, so I'm quite looking forward to watching it.