Documentary - Koran by Heart by Greg Barker

Koran by Heart is a fascinating documentary about the world of Quran (Koran) reciting competitions. This film revolves around the competition that was held in Cairo last year during Ramadan. 

100 of the smartest kids from across the Islamic world arrive in Cairo for the world’s oldest Koran reciting contest. In the midst of this intense international competition, KORAN BY HEART follows three extraordinary 10 year olds - two boys from Senegal and Tajikistan, and a little girl from Maldives - who go head-to-head with kids nearly twice their age, even as their own future hangs in the balance, caught between fundamentalist and moderate visions of Islam. As the competition reaches its climax, KORAN BY HEART offers a compelling and nuanced glimpse into the pressures faced by the next generation of Muslims.

Interview with Greg Barker.