DIFF at The Pavilion - Focus on Iran

Still from Felicity Land

Still from Felicity Land

The second edition of Dubai International Film Festival's monthly film screenings at The Pavilion will focus on Iran. Three films will be screened from 24th-26th September and each one will be followed by a Q&A discussion (all films will be sub-titled in English). 

Here's the line up: 

Monday, 24th September - Felicity Land (2011) 

Yasi, who has problems in her marriage with Mohsen, decides to celebrate Mohsen’s birthday to remind him of some past memories. She plans everything for a great party, but not all goes as she wishes.


Tuesday, 25th September - The Mourning (2011) 

The poignant story of a hearing-impaired couple suddenly left with the responsibility of caring for their nephew. While visiting her sister and brother-in-law, the boy’s mother and father argue in the middle of the night and drive away suddenly. The following day, the boy searches for his parents with his aunt and uncle, who wonder where their guests have gone and why they would leave their son behind?

Wednesday, 26th September - There Are Things You Don't Know (2010) 

The story of a secluded taxi driver in Tehran which is awaiting an earthquake: he has chosen to distance himself from society and to be passive so as not to be hurt. He views the society’s incidents through cuts from the lives of his passengers. 


Event details
Dates: 24th-26th September  at 7.30pm
Venue: The Pavilion Downtown, Dubai Emaar Boulevard, Downtown Dubai (location map)
Phone: +971 4 4477025
Free entry and seating is on a first come, first sit basis.