Declaring Email Bankruptcy

I've been playing email catch up for a long time. I'm talking years. Every time I try to get through my unread or unreplied emails or emails I should delete, I get overwhelmed by the whole thing and decide to continue later. Which only leads to more unread/unreplied/undeleted emails. 

Now that we're one week into the new year, I decided I need to start from a clean slate, and the only way I can do this is by declaring email bankruptcy

Email bankruptcy is a term used to explain a decision to delete all emails older than a certain date, due to an overwhelming volume of messages.  

If you emailed me, sent me a message via this blog, Facebook, text or Whatsapp and I never replied to you, I am truly sorry. If you still need a response from me, please resend your email/message.

I am aiming to be better at responding from now on. 

[image via Someecards