Days 4 - 7 at Dubai International Film Festival 2016

I've been suffering from a terrible cold for the past few days, hence the lack of updates here. I've been watching films whilst sniffling and sneezing with a box of tissues by my side. I apologies to anyone that sat close to me. 

Here's a recap from days the last four days of the festival. Will be sharing a wrap up post seperately soon.

Day 4  

In this episode, Wael Hattar and I discuss Manchester by the Sea, Withered Green, Zaineb Hates the Snow, King of the Belgians and The Cinema Travellers. We were also joined by Tom Cotty, a film blogger at who visited from London to attend the film festival. He shared his views on the Emirati films he's watched at DIFF.  

Day 5  

Wael Hattar and I discuss Wolf and Sheep, Nut$ and Ali, the Goat, and Ibrahim; as well as the Virtual Reality segment of festival. 

Days 6 and 7  

Report from our last two days of the Dubai International Film Festival. We discuss Free Fire, Off Frame, Gaza Surf Club, White Sun, The Man Who Saw Too Much, Hedi, Zaineb Hates the Snow, Kiarostami double bill - Take Me Home and 76 Minutes and 15 Seconds With Abbas Kiarostami, Hotel Salvation, Certain Women, The Distinguished Citizen, Your Name, plus a couple of short films - Submarine and Shrimp. We also highlight our stand out films from this festival.