Cinefile 2014 by Miguel Branco

Miguel Branco is back with a new Cinefile compliation video for 2014 (this is what Cinefile 2013 looked like).

It’s almost impossible to describe the impact that 2014 has had on me. Throughout the past year, I've learned that the magic of cinema isn't something that can be explained, but rather felt. Every year, we’re reminded what it means to be filmmakers, enthusiasts, critics, or even just casual goers – twenty-four frames at a time – and this year was no exception. Whether it be from heavy hitters such as ‘Interstellar’, ‘Edge of Tomorrow’, and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, to smaller, more heartfelt films like ‘Birdman’, ‘Still Alice’, and ‘Begin Again’, it seems that 2014 has left a small piece for everyone to make their own.

That’s exactly what I've tried to accomplish with ‘Cinefile 2014’. As opposed to last year’s video, this is something I really wanted to delve into and take every risk I originally intended to take last year. I’m glad I did, because the end product is something that resonates with me so much more than anything I've ever done. ‘Cinefile 2014’ is my small piece of the year – take it or leave it.