Cinefile 2013 by Miguel Branco

It's the annual movie mashup time of the year. For this year, I'm sharing Cinefile 2013 by Miguel Branco.

He created a mashup of approximately 400 films from 2013 which took him "eight months of production and thousands of re-edits". 

What's most impressive is how Branco is able to keep this from being a complete mess of random images and noises.

He's turned this collection of clips into something of an emotional journey (if not a coherent one), effortlessly segueing from a feeling of celebration and comfort to heart-pounding intensity to what could only be best described as "heroic melancholy," a section that you're darn right contains shots of Katniss Everdeen doing her thing for the good of the people in "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire." (via