Best of British Films and Emirati Shorts - Week 3


Brassed Off and Sheikh Al Jabal (Mountain Sheikh) are screening during the third week of the UK Film Season brought to us by the British Council.

I went last week and saw Never Let Me Go and glad to say there were no technical problems that I reported two weeks ago. Happy they listened to the complaint and fixed the problem. Also just want to say that Never Let Me Go is a beautiful yet very depressing film and glad I got to see it on the big screen.

Dates: 3rd-8th February
Venue: The Picturehouse at Reel Cinemas in Dubai Mall
Timings: 2:05pm, 4.35pm, 7:05pm, 9:35pm, 00:05am
Phone: +971 4 449 1988

Brassed Off
In existence for a 100 years, Grimley Colliery Brass band is as old as the mine. But the miners are now deciding whether to fight to keep the pit open, and the future for town and band looks bleak. Although the arrival of flugelhorn player Gloria injects some life into the players, and bandleader Danny continues to exhort them to continue in the national competition, frictions and pressures are all too evident. And who's side is Gloria actually on?

Sheikh Al Jabal (Mountain Sheikh)
This 11 minutes  film directed by Naser El Yaqoobi depicts the life of an old Emirati man and his indominitable spirit of determination.