Asrouniyeh (عصرونية) - The Carton Residency at thejamjar

"Original photo copyright pre-manipulation and collage goes to LIFE Magazine" via The Carton

"Original photo copyright pre-manipulation and collage goes to LIFE Magazine" via The Carton

The Carton magazine has taken over the Project Space at thejamjar since 26th May 2014 for a four-week residency aimed at instilling the idea of mobile office space.  The Carton is an independent quarterly magazine that tells the story of Middle Eastern culture through its food (I recently wrote about their last issue, "Jazz Manouche" here). 

The residency is titled عصرونية (pronounced "asrouniyeh"). 

Titled ‘Asrouniyeh’, the topic of The Carton’s 10th quarterly edition explores the Middle Eastern version of the British afternoon tea and the Italian aperitivo.

From 28th May, the public is invited to watch the process of finalising this issue, witnessing the deadline week and finally to the launch day, which will take place in thejamjar on 25th June 2014. 

Jade Georges, editorial director and cofounder of the independent publication explains more, 

“When we established our publishing house Art And Then Some in Beirut, we had the idea of mobile offices in mind. We turned a 1960s Beirut apartment into an organic and inspiring office space and called it our hub. And with the target of helping Middle Eastern food culture reach as many territories as possible, our next stop was the UAE where we’ve set up flexible spaces for the past two years to encourage conversations around the culture aided by these moving creative spaces.”  

During the residency which will go on till 25th June 2014, The Carton’s readers are welcome to witness the process of the editorial and creative creation of the upcoming issue. And over the next four Wednesdays this month, The Carton will be hosting a ‘asrouniyeh’ starting at 4.15pm, inviting everyone to bring homemade afternoon-tea delicacies representing their culture. 

I love this idea for a residency and looking forward to seeing how it turns out. If you are interested in attending one of the asrouniyehs on Wednesdays, send an email to

Event details

Residency Duration: 26th May till 26th June 2014 

Asrouniyeh dates: Wednesday 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th June from 4.15pm - 6.15pm

Venue: thejamjar, Al Quoz, Dubai (

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