Artist Talk - The S*uce Bench Project

The Dubai Bench by Hind Mezaina

A short while ago, I wrote about The Dubai Benches project initiated by S*uce and I'm glad to say the project is alive and kicking and there are some great looking benches around town.

You are invited to attend a talk with some of the artists (including yours truly) who will share their experiences, explain the concepts behind their designs and to answer any questions. I know it's short notice, but if you are in the neighbourhood, please drop by.

Even details
Date and time: 6th April at 7pm
Venue: The Pavilion Downtown Dubai (location map)
Free entry

My bench, the one added above is called The Dubai bench. Here are some more benches, by the artists that will be at the talk. Hope to see you at the talk.

Bench by Khalid Shafar.

In my interpretation, I strived to achieve the equation of ‘3 equals 9’.  I wanted this 3-seater bench to share its moments with more than 3, with a simple move or flip.

This bench can welcome 9 people at a time and is multifunctional. You can lay down to read and take a nap if placed in a park or you can table dine if placed in a mall or  on the beach. A touch of Gold  was added to reflect Dubai ‘The City of Gold’ and to enhance the aesthetic look of the bench with a metallic finish and contemporary twist.

Bench by Fathima Mohiuddin.

I’ve covered this bench

In the marks I use to make things mine

It’s a sort of shadow, in negative

Bench by Maria Dowlatshahi

My bench was inspired by the Peacock, which throughout history has been associated with so much symbolism: protection, guidance, integrity, and beauty to list just a few.

On the bench I have written, “Welcome back to my bench” which to me really is a means of welcoming myself back to myself,  by just sitting and  enjoying the moment.

Bench by Xische.

We decided to involve the crowd in this effort to raise awareness for benches as, in the end, the benches are for the crowds. Hence, the crowd-sourcing initiative. The various colours of paint we used were to represent the many voices that joined in, and to highlight that the bench belongs to the people. This way, the people belong to the bench too, forever immortalised on its surface. Awareness of the campaign spread like wild fire in the few days that it was live which was great for all involved.

Images courtesy S*uce and The Pavilion.