Art Night in Dubai on 18th March 2013


Dubai will have a double edition of Art Night happening on Monday, 18th January, where two different venues, DIFC Gate Village and Alserkal Avenue, will host gallery openings on the night.  

It's a great opportunity to go gallery hopping to enjoy some good art (or make fun of some bad art like I do with my friends).  I won't be able to go to both venues, so I'm planning to spend time at Alserkal Avenue and looking forward to a fun art night there.

I've listed some of the must see exhibitions in both venues, but you can find the full line up of exhibitions via the following links: 

Art Nights at DIFC Gate Village

Galleries Night at Alserkal Avenue

Alserkal Avenue Gallery Nights from 6pm-9pm:

Lawrie Shabibi: Adel Abidin - Symphony (18th March-18th April 2013)  

Green Art Gallery: Shadi Habib Allah - Evacutaed Containers (14th March-5th May 2013) 

Shadi Habib Allah, Imprint, 2009-Ongoing, Digital print

Shelter: Richard Allenby-Pratt - Abandoned (18th March-1st May 2013)


Richard Allenby-Pratt, Abandoned series, Giraffe

STORiES Pop Up: Ethical.Design.Collective (18th-23rd March 2013)

STORiEs Pop Up: STORiEs by Ethical.Design.Collective (18th-23th March 2013)

Grey Noise: Hossein Valamanesh - Selected Works 1992-2013 (18th March-30th April 2013)

Hossein Valamanesh, Face to Face 2002, prayer caps, straw mat, mirrors, clay, 90x198x18 cm


DIFC Gate Village Art Nights from 7pm-10pm:

Ayyam Gallery: 

Afshin Pirhashemi The Wrong Women (18th March-25th April 2013)


Afshin Pirhashemi, The First-timer, 2012 - Oil on Canvas 100 X 150 cm.

Cuadro Gallery - Various Artists 

Nadine Kanso, From The Khaled Series, 2013

The Empty Quarter: Open Wounds (18th March-25th April 2013)

Rhea Karam: Series: Breathing Walls, Rockheads, 2008

Event details:

Date: 18th March 2013

Timings: Alserkal Avenue, 6pm-9pm (location map)

         DIFC Gate Village, 7pm-10pm (location map