Ang Lee Film Festival at DUCTAC

DUCTAC is hosting a festival dedicated to Ang Lee from 3rd-5th December. Don't expect to watch Brokeback Mountain, but the festival will include Ang Lee's legendary New York University graduate school thesis work Fine Line. I hope this is a start of special mini festivals that deal with retrospectives of certain film directors and genres.

If you've not been to DUCTAC, I suggest you use this as an opportunity to go. I couldn't ask for a better venue to host this festival, the Centrepoint Theatre at DUCTAC is the only proper theatre in this town and it's quite charming.

Screening schedule:

3rd December at 7pm  - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)

Li Mu Bai’s mission to recover a magical sword that has suddenly disappeared is made all the more difficult by his love for Yu Shu Lien. Set in the final glorious years of the Qing dynasty, the film features blistering martial arts scenes, remarkable acting and breathtaking visuals.

Winner of 80 awards, including the Academy Award, BAFTA and Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film, BAFTA and Golden Globe for Best Director and the Academy Award and BAFTA for Best Original Score. Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Director.

December 4th December at 6pm - Sense and Sensibility (1995)

This wonderful adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel follows the Dashwood family, who are almost penniless after the death of their patriarch, and the romantic fortunes of sisters Elenor and Marianne as they support one another through death, hardship and heartbreak.

Winner of the BAFTA Awards for Best Film, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress and Golden Globes for Best Film – Drama and Best Screenplay. Nominated for seven Academy awards, including Best Picture.

4th December at 8.30 pm - Fine Line (1984)

Lee’s 1984 graduation thesis film draws on his Taiwanese Heritage in its portrayal of migrant Americans in New York’s Chinatown and Little Italy. This 43 minute film about a Chinese-American girl and an Italian-American boy won The New York Film Academy’s awards for Best Film and Best Director.

5th December - Eat Drink Man Woman (1994)

Mr. Chu, the greatest living chef in Taipei, has struggled with his three grown and rebellious daughters since his wife died years ago. When nagging widow Mrs Liang moves in next door, everyone wonders if she could be suitable for Mr. Chu; but then pregnancy, separation, death and true love all come along.

Nominated for the Academy Award, BAFTA and Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film and for Best Director and Best Screenplay at the Independent Spirit Awards.Winner of Best Film at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival and Best Foreign Film at the Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards


Event details

Date: 3rd-5th December 2011

Venue: Centrepoint Theatre at DUCTAC in Mall of the Emirates (location map

Phone: +971 4 341 4777 

Free entry

For Ages 16+ (except 5th December, 18+)

[image of Ang Lee via musicloversblogspotcom]