Amsterdam Diary: Around Unseen - Part 2

Horizon, from the series Playtime by Isaac Julien

Horizon, from the series Playtime by Isaac Julien


More photos from Unseen.

East Wing
The only gallery from the Middle East that was at Unseen. 



Some of my favourites


Unseen Collection
Unseen Collection included works  for prices up to €1,000 contributed by galleries participating at the fair. 


Amsterdam Diorama by  Diorama Map Amsterdam from the ‘Sohei Nishino: Cities’ project

An interview wth Sohei Nishino about this project. The blanks on the wall behind him are the photos that people bought during the fair. I found it amusing the Red Light District part of Amsterdam disappeared off the wall. You could see the complete wall in my earlier post here.

Trust the Cloud

One by one, visitors will be invited to ascend the 5m high escalator, generating light as they go. A giant cloud lies at the top. Jumping into the cloud, triggers an explosion of light. Each individual fall is bathed in its own type of light, which eventually fades away. What remains is a snapshot of a falling person, taken at the time of the jump. This individual moment is quickly transfigured into a collective experience, as each photograph joins a swarm of moving images uploaded to the ‘cloud’, exhibited on a screen next to the cloud and on a dedicated website – an invisible network made visible.

The Human Printer 

An interactive art project run by design studio Stinsensqueeze, the art work was developed during the four days of the festival.

Festival Ground