Abu dhabi Film Festival 2014 Diary - Day 7

The Look of Silence

The Look of Silence


I originally planned to watch on film, The Look of Silence on the last day of the festival, but an additional screening of the opening film From A to B was added, so I decided to watch that too. 

Overall, it was a good week of watching films, despite the daily drive back and forth between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Will share overall thoughts about the festival in a separate post. 


The Look of Silence

The sequel to Joshua Oppenheimer's The Act of Killing felt a lot more confrontational, but the violent savagery described in it is just as numbing. 

Quite harsh when victims of violence see the perpetrators don't want to confront what they did, avoid  responsibility and accountablity. Especially if these perpetrators are your neighbours, living in the same village. 


From A to B

This film is more suitable to a mainstream cinema audience, and I am sure it will be popular when it gets a wide cinema release which I believe will happen in January 2015. It's a road trip movie that starts in Abu Dhabi and ends in Beirut. It's light entertainment, had some funny lines, but found the segment set in Jordan the weakest.