Abu Dhabi 2011 by Beno Saradzic

Check out this time-lapse video of Abu Dhabi filmed and edited by Beno Saradzic, with an original music score by Vladimir Persan. It was featured in The National late April and I've been meaning to post here it earlier but just never got round to it. I guess better late than never.

Something tells me we should expect more time-lapse videos by Beno Saradzic filmed across the United Arab Emirates.

A special request from Beno Saradzic,

Do yourself a favour and watch this film with high quality speakers because the music Vlad composed truly deserves to be heard in all of its glory. Hook your computer to multi-media speakers, home stereo, TV or headphones but DO NOT, for the sake of all that is holy, listen to the sound on the laptop's crappy built-in speaker or just as unforgivably; muted!!