Aankh Marey and Simmba

I watched Rohit Shetty’s Simmba starring Ranveer Singh on December 27 when it was released in Dubai. It was an unusual release date for a Bollywood film, yet it did and I believe continues to do well at the box office.

The film is a has all the elements of a “Masala” film and I wasn’t expecting it to have a strong anti-rape message in the second half of the film, even though female characters in the film felt secondary.

The film also brings in different characters from other films by Rohit Shetty which I have not seen, but aiming to change that soon to better get the references.

The one thing that has stayed with me from Simmba is Aankh Marey, the song and dance scene which was so thrilling to see on the big screen. I’ve been listening and watching this clip constantly since I first watched the film. I found out it’s a remake of the song Aankh Maare O Ladka Ankh Maare from Tere Mere Sapne (Joy Augustine, 1996). The version in Simmba has a different energy and I think I’m addicted to it.

Here’s Aankh Marey from Simmba.


This is Aankh Maare O Ladka Aankh Maare Movie from Tere Mere Sapne.

I watched Simmba in the morning and think we should all aim to start our day watching a Bollywood film at least once a month.