A wrap up of movies in 2009 - part 2

Here's another lovely movie montage that covers movies made in the past year, 2009: The Cinescape. I posted another one called Cinema 2009 a few days ago which is slighlty longer, but brilliant.

2009 - Cinescape is made by Matt Shapiro aka oyguvaltshappy, a 17 year old aspiring film maker. It's a well made montage and it looks like he's getting better at this year by year (he's been making these cinema retrospectives since 2006).


I must give special mention to his videos 2007 - A year for Drama and 2008: The Cinescape, not only because feature two songs I love, Falling Slowly from Once by Glen Hansard and Hoppípolla by Sigur Rós, but will also make you tear up as you watch the videos.


All of these retrospective movie videos continue to ignite my love of movies and I'm looking forward to more movie magic this year.