40 at 40 - Part 3

In part 3 of the 40@40 series (you can see part one here and part two here) there's a very eclectic mix of objects. But my favourite is the 1956 edition of National Georgraphic (object 24) which included a feature about this region with some Kodachrome-tastic photos. 

Object 21. Painted dowry chest - 2008

Object 22. Codd neck soda bottle

Object 23. A gold tablar locket - circa 1900s

Object 24. An issue of National Geographic Magazine - July 1956

Object 26. Arabic Dictionary

Object 27. Labour card issued by the Abu Dhabi government - 1973

Object 29. Asahi Pentax camera

You can read about all the 40@40 objects here.

[PS Objects 25 and 30 are missing from this post because it's missing from The National's YouTube channel. Will add it here as soon as I get access to it.]