25th Anninversary of Hunting High and Low by A-Ha


When I was in London in July, I was walking by the Royal Albert Hall and found a poster advertising A-Ha's concert on 8th October where they will play their 1985 debut album Hunting High and Low in full. I gasped and told myself I must attend this. You see, Hunting High and Low is one of my all time favourite albums, I used to listened to constantly when it was released. Alas, tickets were sold out and travelling to London this week just wasn't possible for me.

Whilst I sit home sulking and feeling jealous of everyone that will be at the Royal Albert Hall this evening, I am listening to this album and enjoying it again after all these years. Hope you can join me in spirit and spend some time listening to this album or at least some of the songs.

I've listed the songs in the same order they appear in the album and some thoughts and favourite lyrics are added after each song. It's not often I like every single track from an album, but in this case, I still love all the songs, just like I did in 1985.

Take on Me

A revolutionary video in 1985 and it's still fantastic after 25 years.

"So needless to say / I'm odds and ends / But that's me stumbling away / Slowly learning that life is ok / Say after me / It's no better to be safe than sorry"

Train of Thought

I always wanted that hand held keyboard.  

"And his thoughts are full of strangers / Corridors of naked lights / And his mind once full of reason / Now there's more than meets the eye / Oh, a stranger's face he carries with him"

Hunting High and Low

I know I said I like all the tracks on this album, but if I had to choose one, this would be it.

"There's no end to the lengths I'll go to / Oh, for you I'll be hunting high and low"


The Blue Sky

The beginning of this song might make you think it's a happy song, even the title gives it a happy, summery feel, but I think it's the saddest song from the album.

"I'm in this big world without you / Nothing to my name / Oh, I never knew that / Blue sky meant such pain"

Living a Boy's Adventure Tale

"I need some time now on my own / Leave my loneliness alone / To lick my wounds / Night has found me just in time / to help me close my eyes one more time"

The Sun Always Shines on TV

"I reached inside myself today / Thinking there's got to be some way / To keep my troubles distant"

And You Tell Me

I like this lullaby-like love song. "And you tell me / That I don't love you / Oh you know / That it's just not true"

Love is Reason

"My breath was coming fast / And as i make a start / You turn to go oh, oh / I'll do what you want me to / I'll cry at the thought of the loss of a heart"

I Dream Myself Alive

"Dream myself alive / I dream myself alive"

Here I Stand and Face the Rain

"Trust me / For who I am / Place all your faith / Into these hands / I got nothing to say / But let's stay friends forever / Forever"