Rembrandt, Vermeer and the Dutch Golden Age - Film Screenings at Louvre Abu Dhabi

My 4th curated film series for Louvre Abu Dhabi, starts on March 9 and will run every Saturday until March 30.

The screenings are part of the museum’s latest exhibition Rembrandt, Vermeer and the Dutch Golden Age, which opened on February 14 and will go on until May 18.

The following is the line up and schedule. All screenings are free to attend, but you must register on the museum’s website for each screening.

Saturday, March 9 at 5.00pm


Director: Alexander Korda
1936 | 85 min | Drama | PG-15 | English

A moving biopic of the fabled Dutch painter, beginning when Rembrandt’s reputation was at its height.

The film follows his quiet descent into loneliness and isolated self-expression, elegantly shot in black and white by cinematographer Georges Perinal (Le million, The Fallen Idol) with an attention to light that is particularly Rembrandtesque.


Saturday, March 16 at 5.00pm

Tims Vermeer_03.jpg

Tim’s Vermeer
Director: Teller
2013 | 80 min | Documentary | PG-13 | English

Tim Jenison, a Texas based inventor, attempts to solve one of the greatest mysteries in all art: How did 17th century Dutch Master Johannes Vermeer manage to paint so photo-realistically 150 years before the invention of photography?


Saturday, March 23 at 5.00pm

STILL LIFE_HARUN FARCOKI_film still_02.jpg

Still Life
Director: Harun Farocki
1997 | 56 min | Experimental | PG-15| German with English subtitles

According to Director Harum Farocki, today’s advertising is continuing the tradition of 17th century Flemish painters by depicting objects from everyday life.

The filmmaker illustrates this hypothesis with three documentary sequences, which show the contemporary photographers at work creating “still life”: a cheese-board, beer glasses and an expensive watch.


Saturday, March 30 at 5.00pm


Dutch Light
Director: Pieter-Rim de Kroon,
2003 | 95 min | Documentary | PG-13| Dutch and English with English subtitles

It has long been said that the light in the Netherlands differs from other parts of the world.
But is it real or just a myth? Distinguished artists, art historians and scientists from different countries discuss what is Dutch light?

Is it different from light anywhere else in the world? Has it really had a significant impact on art and science? And is it true that it has changed or disappeared?

Dutch Light is an extraordinary film about a phenomenon that is as ordinary as it is unique.