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Dubai International Film Festival turns 10


On Sunday, 24th November 2013, I went to the Dubai International Film Festival press conference for the reveal of the film line up. 

Dubai International Film Festival turns 10 this year, so this year's edition which is on from 6th-14th December, is quite a milestone, and personally, I'm so happy that the age of cultural event in the UAE of this importance has now gone into two digits. 

DIFF's CEO Abdulhamid Juma looked back at the festival's goal and aims: 

  • Bridging culture
  • Focusing on Arab cinema 
  • Supporting the local film industry to develop and grow 
  • Celebrating Dubai, promoting it as a destination and centre for tourism, trade and culture 

The theme for the 10th edition of DIFF is "A Tribute to Arab Cinema" and will include 70 world premieres, 174 films from 57 countries in 43 languages, with more than 100 Arab films. 

There will be a few firsts this year: 

  • An Arab film will open the film festival, Omar by Hany Abu-Assad. Hany Abu Assad, is the only director to open DIFF on two occasions (his film Paradise Now was the opening film in 2005). 
  • There will be two red carpet gala screenings, compared to one in the previous editions.
  • Free open air screenings at the Burj Khalifa park called Screen on the Green
  • Cinematic Innovation Summit featuring leading names from Hollywood and Silicon Valley. 
  • Celebration of the top 100 Arab Films (based on a recent poll which I was proud to be part of).   
  • Workshops run by the Academy of Motion Picture of Arts and Sciences
  • Lifetime Achievement Award that will for the first time go to a film critic, Samir Farid
  • The festival is longer this year, will run over nine days instead of the usual seven and will span over two weekends, which I think is a very good move.

I am really looking forward to this year's edition. I've attended each year, and this festival is very close to my heart, so I am happy to be celebrating it's 10th year and cannot wait for my movie marathon sessions between 6-14th December.

I will be sharing my top picks with you soon. Since this is the 10th edition, I will do someting different this year and share multiple lists of recommended films based on themes. So watch this space. 

For now, I leave you with this trailer collage of the films that will be screened at the festival.  


Dubai to host World Expo 2020

A few hours ago, it was announced that Dubai won the bid to host World Expo 2020 beating Izmir (Turkey), Yekaterinburg (Russia) and São Paulo (Brazil).  

This is exciting news for Dubai, since there's been a heavy push to win this bid for the past year or so. Personally, I thought Dubai's win was in the bag, based on the amount of promotion and branding across the city compared to the other bidding cities. 

The theme for the 2020 World Expo is "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future", 

Dubai has a long history of facilitating connections and pioneering new ideas and Dubai Expo 2020 would be no different, with a predicted 70 per cent of the expected 25 million visitors originating from outside the host nation, making it the most international event in the history of Expo.

It would therefore provide a unique platform for the global community to come together and explore creative and pioneering solutions to the three subthemes which have been identified as key drivers of global development:

Sustainability - lasting sources of energy and water
Mobility - smart systems of logistics and transportation
Opportunity - new paths to economic development

The focus will be on exploring their interdependencies and identifying potential partnerships, ultimately resulting in a legacy of innovation. 



I am quite keen on the sustainability part and really hope Dubai will set an example and lead the way in this region. This is a great opportunity for Dubai to stand for more than just grandiose developments, hi-rise towers and world records. 

In one of the most heartfelt pieces I read about why Dubai should win, Expo to the Future by Mishaal Gergawi for Gulf News published on 25th November, he wrote, 

If Dubai wins, we will spend the next seven years thinking and shaping its identity in a completely new way than the past. This is not about appropriating neo-urban slogans and reintroducing a post-crisis Dubai — it will be unambitious to be that reductive in scope. This is about finding a new vocabulary to define Dubai. A lexicon that captures not what it was and is, but what it has not yet been — a text for the yet unintended.

Seven years of textual discovery is what will happen. Substantive inquiry into what a city that wants it all — and paradoxically at times appears to already have it all — should need at all.

Read the full article here.


The next few years will be Expomania for sure. Let's just hope it will be positive. Here's a short and sweet congratulations video by Moath Bin Hafez



And in case you've not seen it before, here is the video that started it all, the UAE 2020 bid film. 




Congratulations Dubai.  



The Culturist won Best Blogger Award in du Social Media Awards 2013


I have some good news. The Culturist won Best Blogger Award in this year's du Social Media Awards. I wasn't expecting the judges to vote for my blog and was hoping I'd at least win the People's Choice Awards. I didn't get enough votes in that category, but I am very happy the blog got recognised by the judges. So thank you very much to all the judges. 

Here's the full list of categories and winners:
Social Responsibility Award - 1971 Team
Best Blogger Award - The Culturist
Best Video Content Award - #WinVictoryLove
Best Social Supporter of Expo 2020 Award & People's Choice Award - Here is Dubai 

There was an award ceremony this morning which I couldn't attend, so my brother went and collected the award on my behalf. (Thanks Khalid.) 

Needless to say, I am very happy about this. Thanks to everyone that voted, that read and support this blog.  


Saturday night in Sharjah

I went to Sharjah last night after a quick tour of QUOZ. I went to see the live performance of cyclo. by Ryoji Ikeda and Carsten Nicolai and to see Spectra by Ryoji Ikeda on Flag Island, it was the last night of the installation. 

I even managed to have a quick look of the current exhibitions in the SAF Art Spaces, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: A Collective Memory, I Look To You And I See Nothing and Vantage Point Sharjah. I will be going back again to spend more time at these exhibitions, but based on first impressions, I was quite impressed. 


Here are a couple of Vine clips from the cyclo. performance:



Here's a photo and a Vine clip of Spectra. It's quite an installation. The beaming lights into the sky could be seen from across the city. Had to be there in person to experience it.





[roll over the Vine clips to turn on the sound] 




The Culturist nominated for Best Blogger Award in du's Social Media Award 2013

I found out a couple of days ago The Culturist was nominated for a Best Blogger Award in du's Social Media Award 2013. The blog will also be up for a People's Choice Award, which will judged by the public till 25th November 2013. The winners will be announced on 26th November 2013.

Not sure of my chances of winning Best Blogger, but it would be great if I can get you dear readers to vote for me in the People's Choice Award. 
All you have to do is visit, click on Connect with Social ID to vote button on the right side of the screen. You can use your Twitter/Facebook/Google ID to log in and vote. You will find my blog listed first under Best Blogger Award.

Go on, if you are a fan, please show my blog some love. 


Spectra by Ryoji Ikeda on Flag Island in Sharjah

Last month I wrote about an upcoming exhibition in Sharjah, I Look To You And I See Nothing, which opened on 16th November 2013. I have not been to this exhibition yet becauase I've been travelling over the past week.

One of the highlights I mentioned in my post is Ryoji Ikeda's light installation "Spectra"previously shown in Amsterdam, Barelona, Buenos Aires, Hobart, Nagoya and Paris.

The Sharjah edition is located on Flag Island and was on display on 15th-16th November and on again from 21st-23rd November 2013. I just found some photos and a video online and it looks spectacular. If you live in the UAE and have not gone to see this in person, this is your last chance. I am hoping to be back in Dubai in time to see this. 

And don't forget, Ryoji Ikeda and Carsten Nicolai will be performing .cyclo live on Saturday, 23rd November 2013. This is a must see on my list of things to do this coming weekend. 


Ryoji Ikeda sculpts with pure light. His monumental site-specific installation spectra came to Hobart after having been shown in Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Nagoya and Buenos Aires. It is overwhelming and theatrical, yet ephemeral, with forty-nine powerful lights projecting thousands of metres upward into the sky.

Visitors can walk through the lights at ground level, looking up at the clouds, listening to the waves of sound washing over them. Even though Ikeda’s cutting-edge digital technology is informed by mathematics of the utmost precision, every individual’s experience of this immersive work is entirely different.  




Spectra is on from sunset to sunrise from 21st-23rd November, located on Flag Island in Sharjah (location map).



[image via]  


Film Screening - future past perfect by Carsten Nicolai

Sharjah Art Foundation will be screening future past perfect by Carsten Nicolai
 this Friday, 22nd November 2013 in Sharjah in the lovely open air Mirage City Cinema in Sharjah Art Foundation Art Spaces

future past perfect consists of four short films made over the past few years. This will be quite an an experience to watch on the big screen in the open air cinema. 

(Also make sure you don't miss the live performance of cyclo. by Ryoji Ikeda and Carsten Nicolai on Saturday, 23rd November 2013.)  



Carsten Nicolai, future past perfect pt. 01 (sononda), 2010, hd short movie on blu ray disc, 07mins 28secs | Courtesy of Galerie EIGEN + ART and The Pace Gallery

sononda is the first part of the short film series future past perfect and was originally recorded in 2006. The series whose single fragments are supposed to be parts of a larger scale film project is designed as a row of conceptually independent movies that document Nicolai’s focus of interest of the respective year of origin and also builds up on the results of the movie(s) before.

Despite sononda's visual quality seems artificial at times, it was shot in a natural environment. The focus is directed on the sculptural quality of light. The correspondence of both music - with its low frequency modulations and merging soundscapes - and light play on the curved surfaces of the sculptural stone formations create an ever-changing atmosphere of concrete and abstract appearances.


(cité radieuse)   

Carsten Nicolai, future past perfect pt. 02 (cité radieuse), 2010, hd short movie on blu ray disc, 07mins 43secs | Courtesy of Galerie EIGEN + ART and The Pace Gallery

In a short cinematic essay, the second part of the series of short movies called future past perfect illustrates the issue of the individual that is brought into line with a vertically organised social structure. Shot at le corbusier's unité d'habitation in nantes (also called cité radieuse), the film concentrates on the modular system applied for the residential building which finds its expression down into the smallest details of design: doors, windows, taps, door handles, light switches, etc. constitute the inhabitants living space through their standardised forms.

The cinematic result is a combination of consecutive sequences of single images and tracking shots of various details inside the apartments and on the hallways of the apartment block. Thereby, both the different benchmarks of standardised production are correlated and the reciprocity of the built-up environment with the inhabitants individual appropriation are examined.



Carsten Nicolai, future past perfect pt. 03 (u_08-1), 2009, hd short movie on blu ray disc, 03mins 43secs | Courtesy of Galerie EIGEN + ART and The Pace Gallery

Conceived as the third part of the series under the name future past perfect, the short film introduces a narrative story that was inspired by a fascination for automation processes as well as his work on codes and grids that materialized in his record alva noto . unitxt in 2008. The series itself started in 2006 and is designed as a row of conceptually independent movies that document nicolai’s focus of interest of the respective year of origin and also builds up on the results of the movie(s) before.

A quiet autumn night in tokyo. A man stops his car at a shop front with a number of vending machines to get a last drink of tea on his way home. He inserts a coin, but instead of the usual procedure, the machine starts performing its own peculiar performance.



Conceived as the fourth part of the series under the name future past perfect, the fourth short film of the row is the result of a long-term fascination with clouds, their movements, structure/texture, and their potentially infinite variety of forms. Shot from the plane on various trips, the sequences of cloud imagery are edited and collaged in different ways to match the diverse qualities of constitution and behaviour of clouds.

The short movie especially focussed on so-called stratus clouds, a category of clouds that usually appears rather flat, hazy and featureless. Their visual quality as seen from above may imply micro and macro structures at the same time thus potentially deceives the viewer's perception. 




Event details
Date: Friday, 23rd October 2013 at 7.30pm
Venue: Mirage City Cinema, Sharjah Art Foundation Art Spaces, Heritage Area (location map and venue location)
Event on Facebook
Free entry.


QUOZ 2013 

The second edition of QUOZ, a one day art festival taking place in Al Quoz is back this Saturday, 23rd November 2013. Last year's edition was a fun day out (you can read my review of it here), with a good turn out. I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store this year and hoping for an even bigger turn out. 

QUOZ is open to all ages and anyone interested in the arts arts and culture. Its aim is to give visitors an opportunity to discover the local arts scene and engage with the gallerists, artists, creatives and cultural minds in the community. 

The programme for this year's edition is bigger and will cover more than 30 venues with 40 events from 10am-10pm. The programme has been put together in partnership with Art Dubai and Dubai International Film Festival and will include exhibitions, music, dance, gallery guided tours where you will be able to meet the artists in some of the galleries, a pop up book shop, fashion, design, film screenings, panel talks, lectures and even a food market. 
Here are my top picks for the day which I hope will encourage you to attend and to spread the word:



10AM - 1PM 
Public Art Engagement at thejamjar

In collaboration with The Domino and the British Council, London-based muralist Nazir Tanbouli will feature at thejamjar leading live and interactive activities for visitors of all ages as part of the Art in the Public Realm scheme.  

12PM - 2PM 
Exhibition opening: Weaving Gaps at Empty 10 


In collaboration with 1x1 Art Gallery, Empty10 will present a solo exhibition of works including video and embroidered installations by Italian artist, writer and poet Cristiana de Marchi. 

Nostalgia: Souvenirs of the mind at Jamm Art Gallery  

Mohammed Al-Kouh, The Water Towers (2012)Mohammed Al-Kouh, Cinema Qarnata (2012)









A group exhibition of photography and paintings in which the artists explore a period or place with personal associations, in partnership with Al Bareh Art Gallery, Bahrain

Jamm Art Gallery  
Al Bareh Gallery  

Journey to Yemen at Total Arts 

Total Arts at The Courtyard invites you to explore this series of photographs which present Yemen through the lens of 13 acclaimed photographers and a filmmaker who travelled to the country in 2009. 

1PM - 3PM 
Open Day at The Courtyard Playhouse  


Art and theatre enthusiasts are invited to experience and participate in improvisation theatre, workshops, performances and more in this newly developed contemporary performing arts venue.

The Courtyard Playhouse is also running a crowd funding campaign to raise money to help to complete the space. You can read more about it here 

1PM - 4PM  
Capsule Arts Pop-Up Shop 

Exclusively for QUOZ, local artists will be working live in the studio and visitors will have the chance to buy a selection of limited edition art prints, alongside original art and design objects.  

M - 4PM  
Guided Tours

J+A Gallery

With a focus on 20th century design objects including rare Bauhaus and Art Deco pieces, explore the history of design with the gallery owners and curator Sebastian Jaroslawski. 

The Third Line 
Join The Third Line team for a detailed exploration of Sherin Guirguis’ work in the main gallery, whilst Raja’a Khalid will lead a walk through of her show ‘Southeast to Armageddon’ in the Project Space.  

Sherin Guirguis, Untitled (Bab Huda) - detail, 2013, Mixed Media on hand cut paper, 274.32 x 182.88 cm 


Sherin Guirguis 'Passages//Toroq' investigates post-colonial themes of political, cultural and social dogma and feminist activism within the framework of the Egyptian diaspora, both in the public and private spheres. Delving deep into the building blocks of culture and identity, specifically from the approach of a diaspora artist, she presents her interpretation of what it means to be defined by the transformative events of the moment.


Raja'a Khalid, American Envoy, 2013, Archival Inkjet Print, 37 x 30 inches

Raja'a Khalid's 'Southeast to Armageddon' showcases a small selection of images from the Middle East chapter of her ongoing 'Minor Histories Archive’ project. With an intention to question the objectivity of certain public documents, this body of work focuses on how the discovery of Middle Eastern oil in the 1930s was depicted in popular Western press at the time, and the American perception of Gulf oil companies in the forties and fifties.  

3PM - 6PM  
Guided Tours  

Carbon 12 

Curator/writer Katrina Kufer will provide a further insight into the works of Berlin-based artist Michael Sailstorfer's 'Try To Reach the Goal Without Touching The Walls' whose artworks playfully explore space, motion and how we function in the world. 

Gallery Isabelle Van Den Eynde (IVDE) 

'Approaching Entropy' by Hassan Sharif, is a series of new works meticulously rendered on paper and assemblages of mass produced materials governed by chance and order. 

Green Art Gallery 

Alessandro Balteo Yazbeck, Chronoscope, 1951, 11pm, 2009-2011. In collaboration with Media Farzin. (Installation view) | Single channel HD video installation inсl. screenplay booklets, sofa and table, 24:49 min, B & W, sound | Dimensions variable, Ed. 5 + 2AP. Photo: silversalt, courtesy of Artspace, Sydney

For the first time in the region, view the award winning video work 'Chronoscope 1951' by Alessandro Balteo Yazbeck alongside a guided tour by Director Yasmin Atassi of the group show 'Statue of Limitation' 


Grey Noise  

Ingrid Hora, Positions of how to lead

Gallery Director Umer Butt will lead a tour of ‘Dear Leader’, a solo show of new works by Ingrid Hora inspired by the relationship between individuals and masses, and between control and society. 

Lawrie Shabibi 

Nabil Nahas, Serendipity, 2013 Acrylic on canvas 304.8 x 152.4 cm 120 x 60 in

Head to Lawrie Shabibi and experience a collection of sumptuous 3D paintings by Lebanese artist Nabil Nahas, from his series ‘Fractals’ and ‘Galactic’.  



Guided Tour

Gulf Photo Plus 

Jaime Puebla, Comic Con. Dubai, 2012

There will be a guided tour of the recently opened photography exhibition, Cabinet of Curiosities featuring a refreshing perspective of the UAE as captured by locally based photographer, Jaime Puebla.  




4PM - 5.30PM
Premiere of A.I.R Dubai 2013

The screening will take place in A4 Pop-Up Space.




In the lead-up to Art Dubai and Sikka Art Fair each year, the Artists in Residence (A.i.R.) program brings together three Emirati artists, three international artists and a curator-in-residence for an intensive period of collaborative work and exchange.

In this documentary commissioned by Tashkeel, award-winning filmmaker Mahmoud Kaabour explores the creative inspirations and aspirations of the 2013 resident artists: Ebtisam Abdulaziz, Reem Falaknaz, Ammar al Attar, Joe Namy, Dina Danish, and Yudi Noor, working alongside curator Bérénice Saliou. The film explores the influence of urban space on these artists, from London, Amsterdam and Beirut to Dubai's Al Fahidi heritage area with its famous wind-towers and courtyards.

The residents' diverse artistic voices and media provide a colorful and dynamic entry point to the contemporary art scene of Dubai, with insightful commentary from the four partners behind the annual A.i.R. residency program: Tashkeel, Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, Art Dubai and Delfina Foundation (London).

5.30PM - 7PM
Panel Discussion in A4 Pop-Up Space: Indie Print Publishing in the UAE 



Campus Art Dubai in partnership with DCAA will bring together editors to debate the role of print in the digital world, critique versus citizen journalism and telling locally relevant stories. 

The Fridge  

Dance Performance and Lecture  

'I Laban You!' is short dance-lecture-performance about the meaning of one word. 
Choreographer and performer Monica Antezana was once asked to make a dance piece about what interested her at that moment. She had in mind two topics to investigate: a famous dance person or her favorite food.

She started researching both topics. Thanks to one tiny detail she discovered that she could fuse both topics into one! That is how Monica put words, science, music, symbols and objects on the move. The Bible, Southeast Asia politics, ghosts, pens, bacteria. 

I love the title of this and actually can't wait to see this. 



The Fridge 

Live Music 


Dubai's hottest new ambient-electro outfit Parallel Sound System will take the stage with a guest appearance from The Boards.




7.30PM - 10PM

Film Screenings hosted by Dubai International Film Festival

Two films will be screened in the A4 Pop-Up Space.

'Silence: All Roads Lead to Music', a film featuring four musicians who meet for the first time. 



'Daddy ABC', an animated short that follows an Emirati father as he is left to care for his new-born child.

All Day 
Art Animations at Salsali Private Museum

View art animations in the cinema installation, part of the 'Cinema', an exhibition of cinema-related works. 


Hope some of the above will encourage you to go QUOZ on Saturday. I leave you with this video of highlights from last year's QUOZ. If you are in Dubai, please don't miss this year's edition. 


Exhibition: Cabinet of Curiosities by Jaime Puebla

© Jaime Puebla, Comic Con. Dubai, 2012


Jaime Puebla is a photographer based in the United Arab Emirates. He's been working for The National newspaper for the past six years and alongside his job as a Staff Photographer, he also documents the unusual within the United Arab Emirates. 

His personal projects focus on documenting everyday events, presenting them in an extraordinary and surreal light. Inspired by the likes of Josef Koudelka and William Eggleston, he highlights curious moments, emphasizing them with minimalist sensibilities.

Jaime Puebla will have his first solo exhibition, Cabinet of Curiosities opening on 18th November at Gulf Photo Plus and will run till 19th December 2013. There will also be a guided tour of the show on Saturday 23rd November at 6pm.

Presented in the form of a collection as early as the sixteenth century, a ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ aimed to bring attention to peculiar items; matters yet to be defined.

A precursor to today’s museums, these ‘wonder rooms’ exhibited objects the collector found stimulating; items that could appear mundane to some, and extraordinary to others.

Puebla’s collection of photographs captured within the UAE look beyond the obvious, instead depicting subtleties discovered off the beaten path. 


© Jaime Puebla, Halloween party, Dubai, 2012


Puebla’s compositions demonstrate an extraordinary eye for color, paired with minimalist sensibilities resulting in images that immediately seize your attention, yet allow your imagination to wander.

From the bizarre to the banal, the beautiful to bewildering, Puebla photographs the UAE’s endless barrage of visual hyperboles, peaking the viewer’s interest yet withholding the ending to each narrative. 

© Jaime Puebla, Government conference, Dubai, 2011


I was not familiar with Jaime's work till now and based on these photos (I love the one from Comic Con), I can't wait to see the rest of this series.



Event details
Opening night: Monday, 18th November at 7.30pm. Exhibition will run till Thursday, 19th November.
Guided tour on Saturday, 23rd November at 6pm
Venue: Gulf Photo Plus, Alserkal Avenue,  Unit D36, Street 8, Al Quoz 1 (location map)


Iceland Airwaves 2013 Review - Part 2

Reykjavik Art Musuem, one of the venues for Iceland Airwaves. I was at the museum the day before the festival and saw them doing light and sound checks. It's a great venue, with fantastic acoustics. 

Here's my second review of Iceland Airwaves 2013. The first one focused on the sounds of the festival, this review will focus on the sights.

Below is a selection of photos I took with my LC-A+ camera. I had a media photo pass for this festival, so I felt very privileged and lucky to be able to get front row access in the photographer's pit in most of the venues (which was a bit of a war zone during some of the big headline acts). I was there with my little camera amongst lots of big and very in your face kind of cameras -and photographers- trying to find the best spot I could. 

The photos also include Iceland Airwaves off-venue gigs, these were free to attend and took place during the day/evening across Reykjavik in shops, boutiques, bookstores, cafes and bars. Some places would be packed with queues outside just listening to the music. It was quite incredible to see. 

Hope you enjoy this photo tour and get a sense of the festival. And please stay tuned for a detailed review of the gigs I attended with more photos and a few video clips.    


Day 1  

I started by attending a few off-venue gigs before the official start of the festival. 


Vigri at Eymundsson Bookshop.

Didn't get the name of this band, but they were playing in the shop window of a store called Cintamani.


My first Iceland Airwaves gig. This is Ylja playing at Gamli Gaukurinn. 


1860, also at Gamli Gaukurinn.


Mammút at Harpa. This band is great, their lead singer Kata is amazing. Will write more about her in my next review.


FM Belfast, also at Harpa. A super hyperactive fun band.



Day 2

My photos for the second day came out quite blurry. The camera guardian angels weren't by my side that day. 


Vök playing an off-venue gig at Slippbarinn in Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Marina. One of my favourite off venue locations.


I know this is really blurry, but this is Eldborg in Harpa where I saw the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and Ólafur Arnalds play. It is one of the deepest music halls I've been to. I was sitting in the last row (on the 5th floor) looking down. No photographer's pit at this venue.


Samaris at Gamla Bíó, a beautiful old theatre and opera house.


Went to see Futuregrapher and Tanya & Marlon at Harlem, but didn't know that Harlem had two different rooms with two different entrances, one for festival ticket holders and one for the rest. Unknowingly, I went to the non-festival part of Harlem, wondered why Futuregrapher and Tanya & Marlon weren't playing, told myself there must have been a change to the schedule and ended up having a good time listening and dancing to Elín Ey from Sísý Ey. (I found out the following day about the different entrance. DOH!)



Day 3 

Went to see Samaris again, this time playing at an off-venue, the Slippbarinn in Icelandair Hótel Reykjavík Marina.


Hermigervill (my favourite red-head in Iceland, or anywhere), also in Slippbarinn. I adore him. Will write more about him in my next review.



Papa playing at the Reykjavik Art Museum. This is a double exposed shot showing all the musicians in one photo.  


Crowd at the Reykjavik Art Museum.



Kithkin playing in Gamli Gaukurinn.


Omar Souleyman in Harpa. The crowd went wild at this gig. It felt like a big fat Arab wedding. 



Day 4 

Hudson Wayne playing an off-venue gig at 12 Tónar in Harpa. This gig was originally scheduled to take place on a boat, but got moved indoors last minute because the water was a bit rough. 


Good Moon Deer playing an off-venue gig in a very cozy space in Hotel Borg.


Nolo at Reykjavik Art Museum.


Sóley at Gamla Bíó.

Audience watching Sóley at Gamla Bíó. 


amiina also at Gamla Bio. 


Fatima Al Qadiri's DJ set at Harlem (this time I went to the right venue). Her entourage on stage included Mykki Blanco (that's him in the middle), he turned up and partied along after he finished performing at the Reykjavik Art Museum across the road.


Savages at the Reyjavik Art Musuem. 


Savages' lead singer Jehnny Beth's shoes. 


Hermigervill again, this time at Harlem.


Day 5

This was the last day of Iceland Airwaves.


Myrra Rós at Gamli Gaukurinn.


Hellvar at Harlem.


Emmsjé Gauti at Harlem. There was a lot of angry Icelandic hip-hop at this gig.


Umtbs, also at Harlem.


Day 6 

I bought tickets to see Kraftwerk play on the extra night that got added after the Iceland Airwaves festival. So, to me the festival wasn't over yet. They played in Eldborg in Harpa and this time I was on the second floor and had good view. 

I ended my music festival week watching Kraftwerk. It was AMAZING. 




That wraps up this post. Coming soon, a detailed review of the gigs I attended with more photos and some videos and personal thoughts about the festival.

All photos © Hind Mezaina.