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Costa Rica: Get Living by Patrick Pierson


Costa Rica: Get Living is lovely video by Patrick Pierson from his trip to Costa Rica. I want to go to Costa Rica. 

I recently had the great pleasure to visit Costa Rica with friends and filmed our exploits and adventures. I took all of my film gear on my back (5D, 7D and a couple of Go Pros) I titled it "Get Living" for many reasons but mainly as a suggestion to get out there and enjoy your life to the fullest. It was a fantastic experience documenting that wonderful trip and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it. Patrick Pierson


For Hire - Bangalore Rickshaw by Xaver Xylophon


I really this animated video by Xaver Xylophon called For Hire - Bangalore Rickshaw. I love the colours and the style of animation.

I would love to see his animation of other cities as I imagine it would make a great series of video travel guides. I also imagine his drawings would look great in books too. Here's hoping to seeing more work by Xaver Xylophon. 


Green, yellow, black. They are the blood in the veins of Bangalore: the 450.000 rickshaws and their drivers. Knocked together from bits and pieces, decorated, ready for the junk heap or carefully maintained like antique cars, the vehicles are as charismatic as their owners, who brave the monstrous traffic of this metropolis daringly, sleepy, chattering or stoic, making sure the passanger's trip from A to B will be full of memorable experiences. 

Based on days of riding around in rickshaws and drawings made locally, this animation captures the tough workaday life of a rickshaw driver, seen through the eyes of a European visitor.



RIP Eduard Khil aka Mr. Trololo

Saddened by the news about Eduard Khil's death. He came to our attention in 2010 with his Trololo song, I wrote about him two years ago and it is still one of my favourite internet discoveries. 


RIP Eduard Khil , 1934-2012. His spirit will continue to live on here,

How a Bicycle is Made


How a Bicycle is Made is a wonderfully old fashioned British short film from 1945 I found in the British Council Film Collection. It shows how a bicycle is made in a factory.

The process of manufacture is traced from the beginning; the design on paper and the raw materials. We see what goes to make the steel tubes of the frames, the handle bars, the gear wheels, the pedal cranks, the pedals, the spokes, the wheels and the hubs, until at last the complete bicycle is ready for testing.



I particularly like the dialogue towards the end of this film.

Designer: Careful designing, reliable materials and expert craftsmanship in every stage of manufacture turn out a British bicycle second to none. 

Boy: What about the other models - boys racing cycles, ladies, the ones with the basket in front? Like Mother uses for shopping. 

Designer: Well, those models are manufactured in the same way. There are bicycle for all purposes, suitable for men, women, boys and girls. Here some of them are being taken out for a test run by the firm's test riders. 

A bicycle is a comfortable and cheap way of getting about. A great boom to man.

Ideal for shopping. Easy to park. Handy for work. A faithful friend ever ready to take a tired workers back home. And after wok, to bring relaxation, health and happiness.



MiniLook Kiev by Efim Graboy and Daria Turetski


This is an adorable video by Efim Graboy and Daria Turetski showing a "miniature day in a life of Kiev". I never get tired of watching tilt-shift videos of cities.  

We shot MiniLook Kiev with Canon 550D, during 5 days and 2 nights, shoted over 25,000 frames, from all of them we used about 4,500. The post-production was the hardest part of the creation, it took us a few good months, but finally it's done! 


TIME ZERO: The Last Year of Polaroid Film


TIME ZERO: The Last Year of Polaroid Film is a film produced and directed by Grant Hamilton.

I have been following Grant Hamilton on Twitter (@sxseventy) for the past couple of years and I really like his work, so it's great to see he's made a film about Polaroid. 

I am a huge, huge fan of Polaroid and the SX-70 camera is one of my favourite possessions, it's one of the items I will rescue in case of fire (after loved ones of course).  

The film is currently being screened at various film festivals, so here's hoping it makes its way to this part of the world soon.  


In February 2008, Polaroid announced that it was ceasing production of instant film. 'TIME ZERO' is a documentary that tells the story of the last year of Polaroid film in three acts.

Act I introduces the magic of Polaroid through the perspective of Polaroid artists and former employees of the corporation.

Act II begins with the discontinuation of instant film and covers the grass-roots movement to keep it alive.

Act III centers on 'The Impossible Project' and follows their against-the-odds effort to reinvent instant film.


STAR TOO - Is It Real?


STAR TOO is an experimental theatre project based in Dubai. They will be performing their latest production this weekend on 25th and 26th May at The Fridge . Their titles of their past four productions have been questions, like Who Did It? and Where is Home? Their latest production continues to ask questions - Is It Real?

The STAR TOO performers will be stretching their imagination, using only cloth and sticks to transform the environment and answer this question for themselves. 

 Is It Real? 

Combining a giant projector box, shadow puppet theatre and a 360 degree experience for the audience - this experimental theatre troupe is asking you to get ready to be boxed in to think out of it for their 5th production at The Fridge.


I've missed out on STAR TOO's last four productions, so hoping not to miss this one. Sounds like it will be an interesting experience. 





Event Details
Dates: Friday, 25th and Saturday 26th May at 8.30pm 

Ticket: Dhs 50
Location: The Fridge Dubai, Al Quoz (location map)
Phone: +971 4 347 7793


RIP Warda


May is continuing to be a month of celebrity deaths. Shortly after reading about Donna Summer's death last night, I found out Warda, the legendary Algerian singer died of a heart attack yesterday.

I used to see her sing a lot on TV in the 1970s and 80s and I remember she was my mother's favourite singer. She made a huge come back in the 1990s, but this is my all time favourite song by Warda from the 1973. It's called وحشتونى (Wahastouni / I Missed You) from a film called حكايتى مع الزمان (Hikayti Ma'e Al Zaman / My Story with Time).

RIP Warda, 1939-2012




Singer Warda dies in Cairo aged 72
Algerian singer Warda dies in Cairo at 72
Biography: Warda


RIP Donna Summer

Sad, sad news about the death of Donna Summers. I listened and danced to her music for as long as I can remember. Let's lower the discoballs and remember this disco diva queen.

RIP Donna Summer, 1948-2012

Sunset People


On the Radio


She Works Hard for the Money


Love to Love You Baby


I Feel Love


The Last Dance



Donna Summer, queen of disco, dies at 63
Obituary: Donna Summer

Donna Summer's disco was as radical as punk


For the Love of Film - An interview with Hitchcock


Today is the last day of For the Love of Film: The Film Preservation Blogathon III and my last post Hitchcock themed post invites to watch this interview with him from Monitor, a BBC show from 1964.

There are some fantastic quotes from this interview, here are a couple of examples:


You’re a master, aren’t you, of the unexpected...
Well, that’s only because one’s challenged by the audience. They’re saying to me “show us” and “I know what’s coming next”... and I say, “do you?” And therefore, that’s the avoidance of the cliché automatically. They’re expecting a cliché and I have to say “we cannot have a cliché here”.


Have you ever been tempted to make what is nowadays called a horror film, which is different from a Hitchcock film?
No, because it’s too easy. Are you talking about visual horror like Frankenstein and that kind of thing?

No, they’re... they’re props. I believe in putting the horror in the mind of the audience and not necessarily on the screen.


I always enjoy listening to anything Alfred Hitchcock says. I find his articulation, humour and point of views all very delightful.

Sit back and enjoy.

Monitor - Huw Wheldon meets Alfred Hitchcock


The last quote about happiness in the Monitor interview is a perfect segway into to the next clip, where we can hear Hitchcock talk more about his definition of happiness. I absolutely love, love, LOVE what he says.



And there you have it folks, an interview with Hitchcock and his definition of happiness seems like the perfect way to end this blogathon. Hope you have been enjoying reading these posts as much as I have been putting them together. You can find all of my previous For the Love of Film: The Film Preservation Blogathon posts here.

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