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Summer Series 2017: Late summer beaches by Uwe Lansing

This video by Uwe Lansing was shot on three beaches:
Fehmarn - Baltic Sea, Germany
Rømø - North Sea, Denmark
Sylt - North Sea, Germany 


Summer Series 2017: Summer Sud Trip by Zouhair Elharti


A summer trip in the south of Morocco, filmed in Agadir, Marrakesh, Sidi Ifni, Tifnit and Gzira. 


Summer Series 2017: Summer in South Korea by James Logan Gibke

A short video by James Logan Gibke, "I spent the month of August with my friends in Gwangju and other places in order to endure the misery of summer in South Korea. While the heat and humidity were unbearable, the experiences were unforgettable." 


Summer Series 2017: In the Summer by Colours


A dark and moody summer song. 

If you like the song, you can buy it from here.



Summer Series 2017: Chemical Solution by Summer Moon

Summer Moon is a new band to me. I like this song and video. 




Summer Series 2017: Summer Colors by Britt Bellamy

This is a collage of videos by Britt Bellamy portraying "the tropical fantasies in my mind through a moving collage of colors, textures and motion."  All the videos used to make Summer Colors are listed here


Summer Series 2017: Summer of Love by Marcie LaCerte


Summer of Love by Marcie LaCerte is a "short animation about a girl looking for love". Warning, this is not a happy film. 




Summer Series 2017: Every Summer by Todos los veranos


This is a lovely video, I can't stop watching it.

Every summer, Stella and the Water fuse in color, movements and rhythms. They meet once again, to continue dancing in new waters.

This short is an anima-dance that proposes an awakening of the ancestral in the body; A game that reappears, cyclical and reborn, full of swims, strokes, turns and contacts that lead to a transformation of the characters.  


Summer Series 2017: Slices of Summer by Yoss Sánchez

This is the start of a new season of Summer Series on the blog for the rest of the month of August.

I am starting with Slices of Summer by Yoss Sánchez, a delighful animated short film about "things that happen in summer". 




Coming Soon - Summer Series 2017

I am working on a new edition of Summer Series posts that will be published on this blog during the rest of this month. It will be a series of short films about summer, including new and old videos.

In the meantime, you can visit (re)visit last year's Summer Series here, a collection of posts about summer travel, summer past times and summer songs. 

Summer Series 2016 


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