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Art and charity show - Resurrection des Mannequins by Sertac Tasdelen

On Wednesday, 5th‭ ‬May‭, ‬Portfolio Galley will host an exhibition entitled‭ ‬Resurrection des Mannequins‭ ‬‭ - ‬a photography exhibition that will bridge the gap between the worlds of art and charity‭. ‬

An idea put together by‭ ‬Sertac Tasdelen‭ and curated by Janet Bellotto, ‬Sertac lent‭ ‬his photos from‭ ‬his ‬Résurrection des Mannequins‭ series ‬to‭ artists and supporters of the art and asked them to‭ ‬add their own artistic touch to the photographs‭. The result of this collaboration will be exhbited and on sale, all proceeds will go to charities chosen by the artists. 

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