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Film and TV Viewing Log - February 2017

Silence, Martin Scorsese

Silence (Martin Scorsese, 2016)

Bunny Lake is Missing (Otto Preminger, 1965)
Interstellar (Christoper Nolan, 2014) 
Labyrinth (Jim Henson, 1986) 
Hidden Figures (Theodore Melfi, 2016)  
Jackie (Pablo Larrain, 2016) 
Snowden (Oliver Stone, 2016) 
John Wick: Chapter 2 (Chad Stahelski, 2017)  

Shampoo (Hal Ashby, 1975)
WarGames (John Badham, 1983)   
Meet Dave (Brian Robbins, 2008)  
By the Sea (Angelina Jolie, 2015)
Parisienne (Danielle Arbid, 2015)  
Cafe Society (Woody Allen, 2016)
A Decent Woman / Los decentes (Lukas Valenta Rinner, 2016)
Loving (Jeff Nichols, 2016) 
Sing Street (John Carney, 2016)
Split (M. Night Shyamalan, 2016)
Romance (Catherine Breillat, 1999) 


THX 1138 (George Lucas, 1971, 35mm)  
Barry Lyndon (Stanley Kubrick, 1975) 
Letters from a Dead Man / Pisma mjortwowo tscheloweka (Konstantin Lopuschanski, 1986, 35mm) 
Strange Days (Kathryn Bigelow, 1995, 35mm)   
I Am Not Your Negro (Raoul Peck, 2016) 
Call Me By Your Name (Luca Guadagnino, 2017)
In the Intense Now / No Intenso Agora  (João Moreira Salles, 2017)     

1984 (Michael Anderson), 1956, 35mm)
The Cotton Club (Francis Ford Coppola, 1984, 35mm)   
Seconds (John Frakenheimer, 1966, 35mm) 
World on a Wire / Welt am Draht (Rainer Werner Fassbinder, 1973)    
Casting (Nicolas Wackerbarth, 2017)
A Fantastic Woman / Una mujer fantástica  (Sebastián Lelio, 2017)  
Not Everyday is Spring (Haig Aivazian, 2017) 
On the Beach at Night Alone / Bamui haebyun-eoseo honja (Hong Sangsoo, 2017)  
The Other Side of Hope / Toivon tuolla puolen (Aki Kaurismäki, 2017) 

A Trip to Mars  / Himmelskibet (Holger-Madsen, 1918, 35mm)  
Aimless Bullet / Obaltan  (Yu Hyun-mok, 1961) 
Ikarie XB 1 (Jindřich Polák, 1963)  
On the Silver Globe / Na srebrnym globie  (Andrzej Żuławski, 1978/1989)  
Dark City (Alex Proyas, 1998, 35mm) 
Dayveon (Amman Abbasi, 2017) 
El Mar La Mar (Joshua Bonnetta, J.P. Sniadecki, 2017)  
Mama Colonel / Maman Colonelle  (Dieudo Hamadi, 2017) 
On Body and Soul / Testről és lélekről (Ildikó Enyedi, 2017)  
The Sea Stares at Us from Afar / El mar nos mira de lejos (Manuel Muñoz Rivas, 2017) 
Untitled (Michael Glawogger, Monika Willi, 2017)
Vazante (Daniela Thomas, 2017) 

Oh The Days / Alyam, Alyam (Ahmed El Maanouni, 1978)  
Oil Gobblers / Ropáci (Jan Svěrák, 1988, 35mm)  
Django (Etienne Comar, 2017) 
House in the Fields / Tigmi n Igren  (Tala Hadid, 2017) 
The Taste of Betel Nut  / Bing Lang Xue (Hu Jia, 2017)  
The Tokyo Night Sky Is Always the Densest Shade of Blue / Yozora ha itsu demo saikou mitsudo no aoiro da (Yuya Ishii, 2017)  

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