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Cinema at The Space - April 2015 

Cinema at The Space is celebrating the theme of "Another World" this month. The screenings take place at The Space in Abu Dhabi (twofour54 Park Rotana Building), and free to attend, but you must RSVP in advance.

My top two picks are Blancanieves and A Girl Who Walks Home Alone At Night.

Here's the line up for April:

Monday, 13th April 13 at 7:30pm

Chicken with Plums, dir. by Marjane Satrapi (2011)

France, Germany, Belgium | 91 minutes | French with English Subtitles | 15+

Thursday, 16th April at 7:30pm

Vertigo, dir. Alfred Hitchcock (1958)

USA | 129 minutes | English | 12+

Monday, 20th April 20 at 7:30pm

Blancanieves (Snow White), dir Pablo Berger (2012)

Spain, Belgium, France | 104 minutes | Spanish with English Subtitles | 12+

Thursday, 23rd April 23 at 7:30pm 

Once Upon a Time in the West, dir. Sergio Leone (1968)

Italy, USA | 165 minutes | English | 12+

Monday, 27th April 27 at 7:30pm

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, dir. Ana Lily Amirpour (2014)

USA | 99 minutes | Farsi with English Subtitles | 15+

Thursday, April 30 | 7:30pm

Watership Down, dir. Martin Rosen (1978)

U.K. | 92 minutes | English | 12+




Film and TV Viewing Log - March 2015

Upstream Color

Here's my list of films and one TV show I watched in March. It includes quite a few documentaries alongside a varied selection of films.

Stand outs:
- Favourite films, Upstream Color and In the Fog. Both utterly sad, but one with a slightly happier ending than the other.

- I finally got to see Life Itself, a documentary about Roger Ebert. I also really liked Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon and Anton Corbijn Inside Out.

- Watching Derek Jarman's first two films. Hopefully I will get to see his other films in the next few months. 


Here's the complete list:



Sebastiane (1976, Derek Jarman and Paul Humfress) ★★★ 

Jubilee (1778, Derek Jarman) ★★★

Cléo From 5 to 7 (1962, Agnès Varda) ★★★

Women Reply: Our Bodies, Our Sex (1975, Agnès Varda) ★★★

V Tumane (In the Fog) (Belarus, 2012, Sergei Loznitsa) ★★★★

Blokada (Blockade) (Russia, 2006, Sergei Loznitsa) ★★★

Queen Kelly (1929, Erich Von Stroheim) ★★★ 

Upstream Color (2013, Shane Caruth) ★★★★ 

Jeune et Jolie (Young and Beautiful) (France, François Ozon 2013) ★★★

Cops (1922, Buster Keaton and Edward F. Cline) ★★★

The Goad (1921, Buster Keaton and Malcolm St, Clair) ★★★

Sadie Thompson (1928, Raoul Walsh) ★★★

Beast (Denmark, 2011, Christoffer Boe) ★★ 

Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon (2013, Beth Aala, Mike Myers) ★★★★ 

20 Feet from Stardom (2013, Morgan Neville) ★★★★

The Director: An Evolution in Three Acts (2013, Christina Voro) ★★★

Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s (2013, Matthew Miele) ★★★

Anton Corbijn Inside Out (2012, Klaartje Quirijns) ★★★★

Life Itself (2014, Steve James) ★★★★ 

Catfish (2010, Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman) ★★★

The Kid Stays in the Picture(2002, Nanette Burstein and Brett Morgen) ★★★

Ae Fond Kiss (2004, Ken Loach) ★★★



Better Call Saul, Season 1 Ep 1-4 (2015)  ★★★  




Links to my previous film and TV viewing log:
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Meet d3 at Dubai Design District from 2nd-4th April 2015


Dubai Design District (d3) is hosting a three day event from 2nd - 4th April 2015 called Meed d3 which will be open to the public and free to attend (first day will on between 6.00pm-12.00am, second and third day will be on between 2.00pm-12.00am).

The schedule and line up for Meet d3 feels like a festival, it features a mix of local, regional and international designers, artists, musicians, concept retailers and unique dining experiences.


The program is quite extensive, the complete line up and schedule can be found/downloaded here (I've added a summary of the schedule at the end of this post as well).

Meet d3 looks like it will be a fun event, so if you're town, make sure you don't miss it. It will be an opportunity to engage with local, regional and international acts and brands. Lots of talented people have been working behind the scenes to put this event together. So in the spirit of it being a free event for the Dubai communiy, do go and show your support. 


Here are my top picks of Meet d3: 


Ebon Heath

Brooklyn native and Berlin resident, Ebon Heath, is known for literally playing with words; creating mesmerizing typographic structures that bring the poetry of our lives into the third dimension.

At Meet d3, a brand new suspended artwork by Ebon will be unveiled: a metallic word cloud in English and Arabic that represents a visual conversation between global and local voices. The words used in the structure are from the poem, “On Beauty” by Kahlil Gibran. 


The ‘Projection Lines’ installation, designed by Beirut-based architecture and design studio GHAITH&JAD, presents itself as an interactive spatial experience within the Meet d3 event.

With their intervention, the architects aim to celebrate discovery, spatial construction and human curiosity though a space that never reveals its surreal and distorted path to anyone but those who go through it.

The space always awaits the motion of a person to reveal its narrative of a million compositions, making it a performance space always perceived through experience and not through documentation. 

Cinema Akil x Gazette 

Cinema Akil x Gazette will be screening “Life Eraser” and “Hot Dollar” starring Tilda Swinton from the Simulacrum & Hyperbole series by British artist Katerina Jebb. In these films, Jebb challenges her feminine icons in unexpected and intimate scenarios, unraveling seemingly improvised rants that in fact point to a carefully crafted monologue of epic proportions.

Jebb’s sardonic tale of women questions art, commerce and the complex battle between ego and id. The films will be screened every night from from 7-10pm as part of ‘Meet d3’. 

Sonic Portrait 

A Model Studio was created as part of the exhibition ‘Systems for a Score’ by Fari Bradley and Chris Weaver during their 2014-2015 residency at Tashkeel in Dubai. The bespoke recording studio created by the artists, that was central to their exhibition in which UAE-based musicians, artists and local school children interpreted traditional Emirati weave (Al Sadu) as graphic scores.

For Meet d3 the studio has been repurposed and opened to the public. Using visual and written language-based prompts (in both Arabic and English), members of the public are invited to enter the space and relay an aspect of their own personal story in response to visual and written prompts. 

Sole DXB presents Raw Metropolis 

‘Raw Metropolis’ is a short documentary that explores how Dubai is finding its identity through various stylistic expressions from both its residents and visitors. The movie is comprised of a series of video portraits that capture the influence of street style in one of the world’s newest urban centers.

Written and directed by Amirah Tajdin of Seven Thirty Films, ‘Raw Metropolis’ was filmed over the course of two days at Dubai Design District during Sole DXB. The finished product now makes its way back to the district where the movie will be screened twice a day on all three days of Meet d3.  

Khalid Shafar 

For Meet d3, designer Khalid Shafar has developed a specific site seating installation called ‘CITY’s Bench’, whose multifaceted surface and varying dimensions were designed to welcome and accommodate the naturally varying demographics of the population of our diverse city.

Evolution of Emirati Dress 

Curated by Anthropology of Design and supported by Dubai Design and Fashion Council, ‘Evolution of Emirati Dress’ is an exhibition focused on showcasing the different forms of dress worn by women in the UAE from 1960 to 2011, with an emphasis on the traditional Emirati ‘thawb’ and ‘kandurah’ throughout this period.

The exhibition is based on the book ‘Sultani—Traditions Renewed’ by Dr. Reem El Mutwalli, where she traces the impact of oil wealth, urbanization, access to the world market, and the pressures of globalization on dress and a conservative Arab-Islamic society. 

Mourad Mazouz and Hassan Hajjaj presenting Andy Wahloo and Almaz 

Blood brothers, Moroccan-born pop artist Hassan Hajjaj and award-winning restaurateur Mourad ‘MoMo’ Mazouz have worked with each other for years on creating food-art experiences (perhaps most famously in 2003 to bring Paris’ iconic “Andy Wahloo” bar- restaurant to life) and now they are concocting yet another colorful culinary collaboration at Meet d3.

Expect MoMo to deliver a truly unique dining experience in a whimsical restaurant decked out with Hajjaj’s trademark style of recycled North African objects and pop-culture references, to create a feast to nourish all of your senses. 

Mashrou’ Leila

Mashrou’ Leila, the Lebanese five-member alternative rock band from Beirut, has been a resounding success throughout the Middle East and particularly in Dubai where they’ve swiftly sold out several shows in the past year. With their distinct approach to storytelling and orchestration, they have crafted some of the most melancholic ballads and raucous anthems in contemporary alternative Arabic music.

Mashrou’ Leila will be playing the main stage on April 2nd, the first night of Meet d3, in a rare free show that’s not to be missed. 

Bei Ru 

Bei Ru is a Los Angeles-based multi-genre music producer/composer known for his unconventional use of Middle Eastern melodies and rhythms combined with heavy drums, electronics, and a plethora of live instrumentation.

LA Weekly called his music: “The sound of a diaspora that settled in Los Angeles; Armenian music filtered through Dr. Dre’s The Chronic and underground hip-hop.” 

Bradley Zero 

Bradley Zero is one of the key faces behind the world-conquering Boiler Room team, serving as curator and host for the iconic music platform. As founder of the iconic vinyl-only Peckham Party, Bradley has had the chance to develop a unique, wide-ranging style, and in the process garner a loyal following of dancers.

Resident Advisor has described yet another one of his projects, Rhythm Section, as “A party which, in spite of its modest means and ambitions, has been something of an epiphany for me, and for plenty of others too”.

Bradley will be closing the second night of festivities with a set on the main stage at Meet d3. 

Talvin Singh

Talvin Singh is a producer, composer and tabla player renowned for his boundary- pushing fusion of Indian classical music and drum & bass. Often referred to as the ‘Father of Modern Asian Electronica’, Talvin is now bringing his innovative musical style to the main stage at Meet d3.

From tablas to turntables, Talvin has taken us on incredible sonic journeys for the past 20 years, so join us to see where he takes us next and what dynamic sounds he drums out for Dubai. 

Zahed Sultan 

Zahed Sultan is an alternative / electronic multimedia artist from Kuwait. He released his debut album ‘Hi Fear, Lo Love’ in the Spring of 2011 and attained success with his 2nd single ‘I Want Her But I Don’t Want Her.’ 


Bass Sekolah

Bass Sekolah are a duo that make music in the jungle – quite literally. Their studio is located right outside of the Berembun forest reserve, in Malaysia, a cozy place frequented by global players such as Modeselektor, Africa Hitech, Daedelus, Perera Elsewhere and other luminaries.

Bass Sekolah are producer Cee and multi-instrumentalist / crooner Darren Ashley, and they’re on a mission to make honest, soulful, forward-thinking Electronica.  

Luke Howard

Luke Howard is one quarter of Horse Meat Disco, the four man dj club collective that has continued to lead the way in the disco field with packed residencies at their HQ, Eagle London in London’s inner city Vauxhall, Cielo and various venues in New York, Prince Charles in Berlin and Silencio/Wanderlust in Paris.

Now approaching their tenth year of existence and inspired by the music and inclusive ethos of New York’s heady club scene in the 1970s & 80s, the collective has garnered a unique reputation for throwing amazing parties with unmatchable sets. At Meet d3, Luke will be performing at MoMo and Hassan Hajjaj’s Andy Wahloo concept restaurant.

Gnawa music

Simo Lagnawi, Marouane El Fathi and Mohammed El Gasmi are bringing you Gnawa music, a long tradition of trance music which travelled through Morocco from the Sahara.

Since his arrival in the U.K in 2008, Simo has been a relentless pushing new boundaries fusing Gnawa with music from countries such as Gambia, Burkina faso, Senegal, Guinea, Mali, India, Japan, Venezuela, and the Caribbean.

For Meet d3 he is being joined by 2 traditional Gnawa performers from Marrakech for his performance at the Andy Wahloo tent. 



Schedule summary: 






Complete details, including location map can be found on  



A.i.R Dubai 2015 (Artists in Residence) - Artist workshop and talk on Wednesday, 1st April 2015


Following up on the last AiR Dubai 2015 talk, there's one more talk and workshop taking place on Wednesday, 1st April with fellow artist in residence Sharmeen Syed.

It will take place in the artist in residence house in House no. 33 in Al Fahidi Historical District (also known as Bastakiya). The workshop is from 4.00pm-7.00pm followed by a talk and video screenings between 7.00pm-8.00pm. 

This will be the last time we will be at the house, so if you'd like to visit our studio space, this will be your last chance.  


About Sharmeen Syed:

Sharmeen Syed's practice stems from her background as a researcher and an architect interested in urbanisam and derivative spatio temporal experienes through projected memories and alternative futures. Sharmeen's work tends to be in the context of post-colonial urban histories and applications of post-modernism and urban codes in the global South.

For Art Dubai Projects, Sharmeen has been researching horticulture and gardening histories in Dubai and Madinat Jumeirah as a site. Through an audio guide leading the audience through to a garden, one learns about the fluctuations of hospitality. In the garden, plants sit quietly in a gravel garden bearing witness to a history of migrations while playing the welcoming host to the audience. 



This is what Sharmeen's installation "Of a Radical Hospitality: episodes of conditions, transgressions and impossibility" looked like at Art Dubai, which consisted of and audio tour, plants, gravel, drawings, text and hotel furniture:

Sharmeen Syed - Of a Radical Hospitality: episodes of conditions, transgressions and impossibility (© Hind Mezaina)


Sharmeen Syed - Of a Radical Hospitality: episodes of conditions, transgressions and impossibility (courtesy of Art Dubai)


Sharmeen Syed - Of a Radical Hospitality: episodes of conditions, transgressions and impossibility (courtesy of Art Dubai)


A.i.R Dubai 2015 (Artists in Residence) - Artist talk on Sunday, 29th March 2015


Art Dubai ended on Saturday, 21st March and since then I've been decompressing from a very hectic but also lots of fun five days at the art fair. 

Six artists in residence (including yours truly) have been working since January to create work to show at the fair. If you didn't make it to Art Dubai or didn't get a chance to see our work, there's an artist talk with fellow artist in residence Rheim Alkadhi and myself on Sunday, 29th March at A4 Space in Alserkal Avenue, 7pm -8.30pm.

We will talk about our work, our residency and the work we did for Art Dubai. If you didn't get to see my work at the fair, you will get a chance to see it at the talk, an audio/video essay titled "It may have been where the tales of Sinbad and Aladdin came from". 


Objects at an Art Fair - one of the four programs of interventions performed by Rheim Alkadhi at Art Dubai. The images below is from "Supplication Activity". Rheim asked passers by to write their deepest desires on the back of a receipt which was then folded and inserted into a metal locket and sealed with scented candle wax from Dubai Mall. The amulets were "accumulated together as a mounting cluster of energy, residues of an art fair". 

Rheim Alkadhi - Objects at an Art Fair (image courtesy of Art Dubai)


It may have been where the tales of Sinbad and Aladdin came from is the name of my audio/video essay about Deira which consists of photos I took during the residency mixed with images of old postcards of Deira. The audio part is a script taken from various resources from the past, the present, a mix of fact, fiction and even press releases. The video is 10 minutes long and was projected on a wooden board. Next to the board was an old TV screen playing found footage/old documentaries of Deira filmed in the 1960s and 1970s. 

© Delphine Garde-Mroueh 



I will report back on my experience of the residency, my work and Art Dubai in general soon. In the meantime, hope you can make it to the talk on Sunday. More about it here:   




Fade Away & Illustrate - an illustration zine 

My brother Khalid Mezaina will launch a new zine titled Fade Away & Illustrate on Thursday, 19th March. The launch will take place in Design House (house no. 28) that is open during SIKKA Art Fair. Fade Away & Illustrate will be on sale for AED 30 during SIKKA Art Fair which is on till Tuesday, 24th March 2015
'Fade Away & Illustrate' is an attempt at gathering some of the best illustrators around town and sharing their work to the masses. each issue, a group of illustrators are asked to respond to a theme, the first issue being 'introductions'. and what better way then to introduce these talented artists but through their awesome drawings.

If the title sounds faimilar, it is inpsired by Blondie's song Fade Away and Radiate. 

francOfilm Festival 2015

The 5th edition of  francOfilm Festival 2015 is back, from 19th-21st March. It will take place in Vox Cinemas in Abu Dhabi (Marina Mall) and Dubai (Mall of the Emirates).

This year's edition includes films from Belgium, Canada, France, Haiti, Morocco, Tunisia and will include English subtitles. Tickets for each film costs AED 25 (cheaper than the regular films screening in our cinemas). 

Here's the schedule: 

Thursday, 19th March 2015

At 7.00pm - Deux Jours, Une Nuit / Two Days, One Night (Belgium, 2014) - Duration: 95 min


At 9.00pm - Yasmina ou les 60 noms de l'amour (Tunisia, 2013) - Duration, 90 min




  Friday, 20th March 2015

At 3.00pm ll était une foret / Once Upon A Forest (France, 2013) - Duration: 78 min 


At 6.00pm Assistance Mortelle / Fatal Assistance (Haiti, 2013) - Duration: 84 min


At 9.00pm Fievres / Fevers (Morocco, 2014) - Duration: 90 min


  Saturday, 21st March 2015 

At 3.00pm La petite reine (Canada, 2014) - Duration: 108 min 


At 6.00pm Samba (France, 2014) - Duration: 118 min 



francOfilm Festival 2015


Art Dubai 2015 

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Pulse Index, installation view, Sydney (2010) | Plasma screen or projector, computer, digital microscope, industrial camera, metal enclosure, custom software | courtesy of Carroll/Fletcher | 58 inch Plasma monitor, projection can be any size

The ninth edition of Art Dubai is on from 18th-21st March in Madinat Jumeriah Arena and Mina Salaam Hotel which is right next to the arena. Information about location, how to get there, hours can be found here.

For the past week I've been busy setting up my piece I've done during the artist residency I wrote about a couple of months ago, along with the other artists that are part of the residency. I will share my my work and write about my experience after Art Dubai.

In the meantime, here's a breakdown of what's happening at this year's Art Dubai. As always, there's a packed schedule of events, talks, film screenings and performances. Here's what to expect. There's something for everyone, so do pay a visit. 



Etel Adnan, le Soleil amoureux de la lune (2014) | hand-painted ceramic on matt rough polish | Courtesy : the artist and GALLERIA CONTINUA, San Gimignano / Beijing / Les Moulins | Dimension : 9 panels: 390 x 220 cm each

More info 


Mahmoud Hammad, The shepherds (1963) | Oil on canvas | Courtesy of Green Art Gallery, Dubai | 90 x 75 cm

More info 

The Abraaj Group Art Prize 2015   

Yto Barrada. © Benoît Peverelli.

Building further on the format of recent years, The Abraaj Group Art Prize, following the application and jury process, now shortlists four artists and one (of the four) artists awarded the $100,000 commission. The three shortlisted artists receive a cash prize and are represented in a group exhibition at Art Dubai (March 18-21, 2015) through previous works, which will be carefully selected by the guest curator in liaison with the artist. awards the $100,000 commission to one artist.
Yto Barrada’s newly commissioned work, produced for The Abraaj Group Art Prize, is part of an exhibition at Art Dubai, March 18-21, 2015.
The exhibition features previous works by the three shortlisted artists—Sarnath Banerjee, Setareh Shahbazi and Mounira Al Solh.
The exhibition is curated by Omar Kholeif, who has been selected as The Abraaj Group Art Prize 2015 Guest Curator, and who has worked closely with all the artists to curate and produce the exhibition as well as an accompanying catalogue.

More info 

Art Dubai Projects

Mohammed Ibrahim, Mountain Rocks Wrapped with Copper Wire. Courtesy of Cuadro Gallery, Dubai. 

Art Dubai Commissions, as part of the extensive non-for-profit programme, gives regional and international artists the opportunity to develop dynamic site-specific works for both the grounds of the fair and the city-at-large. The commissions are developed with local and international partner organisations creating a collaborative model that is designed to extend the life and influence of the project beyond the fair in March.  

A.i.R Dubai, the three month artist in residence programme sees six artists develop their projects for Art Dubai while in-residence in the UAE, working together in studios, and taking part in an expanded outreach programme of talks, reading groups, screenings, publications and open studios.

Both commissions and AiR are curated by Lara Khaldi.

Artists selected for the 2015 programme include: Fari Bradley and Chris Weaver, Jumana Emil Abboud, Maria Thereza Alves, Mehreen Murataza and the collective Umashankar and the Earchaeologists.

Artists selected for AiR include: Khorfakkan-based artist Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim; photographer and writer Hind Mezaina; Sharmeen Syed, whose practice references architectural research; and multi-media artist Jessica Mein. The artists joining them in the residency from abroad are the Amsterdam-based, former Rijksakademie resident Mehraneh Atashi, who works in photography, video and installation and has been recently pre-occupied with the concept of entropy, as well as Beirut-based artist Rheim Alkadhi, who weaves poetic collages from objects, texts, and images. 

More info 


Rosangela Renno, Venetian tour scrapbook (2010) | 3 books with digital laminated print | Courtesy : the artist; Vermelho gallery. Copyright Marcos Pinto | 58x58x38 CM


In 2015, Marker turns its focus to Latin America, and the connections between this region and the Arab world–from hundreds of years of migration to today’s trading relationships, via a shared sensibility and approach to art practices.
Curated by Luiza Teixeira de Freitas, Marker takes – for the first time – a multidisciplinary approach, dwelling on its broad theme through honed, specific lines of enquiry. The programme, located within the Art Dubai Contemporary gallery halls, includes artists’ books, sound projects, performance and film, as well as drawing, painting and installation. Teixeira de Freitas has worked with artists and commercial and non-commercial organisations across the region to develop this dynamic programme.

More info   

Art Dubai Cinema

Cristiano Lenhardt, Frame from Solenidade de Hasteamento Da Bandeira “AO VIVO” (2009) |Video, 6’ | Courtesy of Videobrasil Archive

Hosted by Art Dubai Cinema and developed exclusively for Art Dubai's 2015 edition of Marker: Latin America, this programme gathers films and moving image works screened across the last four editions of the Contemporary Art Festival SESC_Videobrasil.

Featuring emerging artists including Guilherme Peters and Eder Santos, one of Brazil's pioneering video makers, this extensive programme features a number of contemporary Brazilian artists in conversation with counterparts in Lebanon including Akram Zaatari and Ali Cherri, highlighting relationships between Latin America and the MENA region championed by Videobrasil since its founding.

More info 

Global Art Forum_9

Cécile B. Evans, Suddenly The Human Voice - La Voix Humaine (2014) | Courtesy of the artist

The ninth edition of the Global Art Forum takes on the theme of technologies and their impact on the world of art and culture. Titled Download Update?, the Forum is co-directed by Turi Munthe and Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi, with Shumon Basar as Director-at-Large.

Drawing in a range of speakers from across art, new media, web, design and literature, the Global Art Forum will debate how technologies have transformed not only the way we work, but how we think, interact, learn and create.

More info  

RCA Secret Dubai

RCA Secret Dubai, introduced by Paul Smith, is an exhibition and sale of original postcard-sized artworks by regional and internationally acclaimed artists and designers, plus up-and-coming graduates from the Royal College of Art.

Taking place at Art Dubai, it's a chance to get your hands on original works of art for a small price, while supporting students at a formative time in their careers. Each postcard in RCA Secret Dubai is signed only on the back, so collectors don't know the identity of the artists until they have made their purchases.


More info and 

Art Bar by Absolut

Art Dubai and Absolut have commissioned Palestinian artist Yazan Khalili to conceive this year’s large-scale Art Bar installation titled The Island

The Island is an extension of Khalili’s artistic practice, which uses photography and the written word to unpack historically constructed landscapes. Working closely with artist Arnar Ásgeirsson, Khalili creates a space that is neither here nor there; a space that doesn’t belong to this world; secluded and adrift. Through realities, fiction and façades, the notion of belonging, isolation and the theatrical nature of life itself are explored and confronted.


More info 


Cinema Akil - Outbox Short Film Festival - 16-18 & 20-22 March 2015


The Cinema Akil Outbox Short Film Festival is a collaboration with Beirut-based Outbox International Short Film Festival. The festival will take place during the Dubai Art Week from 16th-18th March and from 20th-22nd March 2015 in Alserkal Avenue. 

The theme of the festival is "Space Under Construction".

The festival will reflect on the ideas of building, construction, reassessment, consideration, intervention and transformation and change – concepts the surrounding space across the MENA region is grappling with.

The theme also reflects the state of Cinema Akil which is still under construction. The film festival will take place in a special pop-up style set up inside the home of Cinema Akil - which I am looking forward to seeing and visiting when ready.  

The screenings are free. Here's the trailer for the festival. Below it is the schedule and list of films, which you can also find on



Program 1: Construction / Space vs Individual
16 + 20 March (1-3pm & 7-9pm) & 22 March (1-3pm)

Rhino Full Throttle
Directed by: Erik Schmitt | Year: 2013 | Duration: 15’ | Genre: Fiction (live action) | Language: German (English subtitles) | Country of Production: Germany

Tom Thumb (Pollicino)
Directed by: Cristiano Anania | Year: 2011 | Duration: 8’ | Genre: Fiction (live action) | Language: none | Country of Production: Italy

Studio Beirut 
Directed by: Mokhtar Beyrouth | Year: 2013 | Duration: 14’ | Genre: Fiction (live action) | Language: Arabic (english subtitles) | Country of Production: Lebanon

Dig A Hole in My Soil 
Directed by: Elizabeth Wurst | Year: 2012 | Duration: 9’ | Genre: Documentary | Language: none | Country of Production: Peru/Germany 

Directed by: Nicolai Troshinsky | Year: 2013 | Duration: 4’ | Genre: Fiction (animation) | Language: none | Country of Production: Spain

Yala To the Moon (Yala Al Amar)
Directed by: Jackie Salloum & Suhel Nafar | Year: 2012 | Duration: 7’ | Genre: Fiction (live action) | Language: Arabic (english subtitles) | Country of Production: Palestine 

Second Wind
Directed by: Sergey Tsyss | Year: 2012 | Duration: 6’ | Genre: Fiction (live action) | Language: none | Country of Production: Russia 

The House 
Directed by: David Buob | Year: 2011 | Duration: 6.5’ | Genre: Fiction (animation) | Language: none | Country of Production: Germany 

Directed by: Juan Pablo Zaramella | Year: 2011 | Duration: 6’ | Genre: Fiction (stop motion) | Language: none | Country of Production: Argentina 

The Solitary Life of Cranes
Directed by: Eva Weber | Year: 2008 | Duration: 27’ | Genre: Documentary (live action) | Language: English | Country of Production: United Kingdom 

Mirrors of Silence (Maraya Al Samt)
Directed by: Nawaf Al Janahi | Year: 2006 | Duration: 20’ | Genre: Fiction (live action) | Language: no language | Country of Production: United Arab Emirates


Program 2: Construction / Space for Power
17 + 21 March (1-3pm & 7-9pm) & 22 March (3-5pm)

Oru Buros
Directed by: Anton Brand, Guillaume Klein, Charlotte Quillet, Raphaël Théolade | Year: 2012 | Duration: 5' | Genre: Fiction (animation) | Language: none | Country of Production: France

Directed by: Pablo Millan | Year: 2010 | Duration: 9’ | Genre: Experimental (animation) | Language: none | Country of Production: Spain

Construction Assault (突击建房 Bauangriff)
Directed by: Laura Engelhardt | Year: 2014 | Duration: 7' | 
Genre: Documentary - Live Action | Language: German (English SUB) | Country of Production: Germany

Model Village
Directed by: Hayoun Kwon | Year: 2014 | Duration: 10' | 
Genre: Fiction - Animation | Language: Korean (English SUB) | Country of Production: South Korea

Sleight of Hand
Directed by: Michael Cusack | Year: 2012 | Duration: 9.5' | Genre: Fiction - Animation | Language: none | Country of Production: Australia

Directed by: Maureen Zalloum | Year: 2013 | Duration: 8' | 
Genre: Fiction - Live Action | Language: none | Country of Production: United Kingdom

Directed by: Dairo Cervantes | Year: 2013 | Duration: 16' | 
Genre: Fiction - Animation | Language: none | Country of Production: Colombia

Directed by: Frédéric Doazan | Year: 2013 | Duration: 2'' | 
Genre: Experimental - Animation | Language: none | Country of Production: France

The Rope
Directed by: Hiba Tawaji | Year: 2013 | Duration: 20' | 
Genre: Fiction - Live Action | Language: Arabic (English SUB) | Country of Production: Lebanon

Directed by: Ali Mustafa | Year: 2014 | Duration: 14' | 
Genre: Fiction - Live Action | Language: Arabic and English (English SUB) | Country of Production: United Arab Emirates

Reality 2.0
Directed by: Victor Orozco Ramirez | Year: 2013 | Duration: 11' | 
Genre: Fiction - Animation | Language: Spanish (English SUB) | Country of Production: Mexico/Germany

Directed by: Tien-Yu Miao | Year: 2012 | Duration: 6.5' | 
Genre: Fiction - Animation | Language: None | Country of Production: Taiwan

Rather Be A Stranger
Directed by: Ryan Wilson | Year: 2014 | Duration: 7' | 
Genre: Documentary - Live Action | Language: English | Country of Production: Lebanon

Choir Tour
Directed by: Edmunds Jansons | Year: 2012 | Duration: 5' | 
Genre: Fiction - Animation | Language: None | Country of Production: Latvia



Program 3: Construction / Space as Spectacle
18 March (1-3pm & 7-9pm) + 22 March (5-7pm & 7-9pm)

Directed by: Rob Carter | Year: 2008 | Duration: 9’ | Genre: Animation | Language: None | Country of Production: United States 

The Tallest
Directed by: Courtesy Rebecca Ann Tess and Figge von Rosen Galerie | Year: 2014 | Duration: 14’ | Genre: Experimental | Language: English | Country of Production: Germany

Night Lights
Directed by: Tatiana Moshkova, Marina Moshkova | Year: 2013 | Duration: 1’ | Genre: Experimental | Language: None | Country of Production: Russia

The Model (Das Modell)
Directed by: Florian Gwinner | Year: 2006 | Duration: 6’ | Genre: Animation | Language: none | Country of Production: Germany

Jebel Ali
Directed by: Sophie-Therese Trenka-Dalton | Year: 2014 | Duration: 11’ | Genre: Documentary - Video Art | Language: none | Country of Production: United Arab Emirates / Germany

Directed by: Jonathan Gales | Year: 2012 | Duration: 4’ | Genre: Fiction - Animation | Language: none | Country of Production: United Kingdom

Directed by: Igor Imhoff | Year: 2012 | Duration: 9’ | Genre: Experimental | Language: none | Country of Production: Italy

Last Day of the Republic (Letzter Tag der Republik)
Directed by: Reynold Reynolds | Year: 2010 | Duration: 8’ | Genre: Documentary - Live Action | Language: German (English SUB) | Country of Production: Germany

Fog and Smoke
Directed by: Jeamin Cha | Year: 2012 | Duration: 20’ | Genre: Documentary - Live Action | Language: Korean (English SUB) | Country of Production: South Korea

Nijuman No Borei (200,000 Phantoms)
Directed by: Jean-Gabriel Périot | Year: 2007 | Duration: 10.5’ | Genre: Experimental | Language: English | Country of Production: France

Directed by: TareCk Raffoul | Year: 2013 | Duration: 10’ | Genre: Documentary - Live Action | Language: Portugese (English SUB) | Country of Production: Portugal

Hanasaari A
Directed by: Hannes Vartiainen and Pekka Veikkolainen | Year: 2009 | Duration: 15’ | Genre: Documentary - Live Action | Language: None | Country of Production: Finland



Event details
Date: 16th - 18th March and 20th - 22nd March 2015
Venue: Warehouse G58, Alserkal Avenue, Al Quoz, Dubai 
Free entry. 



Design Days Dubai 2015

Aljoud Lootah, he Oru Collection, Teak wood, Felt, Reflective Copper, 2015

The fourth  edition of Design Days Dubai is on from 16th-19th March at The Venue - Downtown Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard (formerly known as Emaar Boulevard, next to Burj Khalifa).  

This year's edition features an increased number of designers from the Middle East, especially from the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, there's a packed schedule of talks, workshops, tours and film screenings.  

I am looking forward to seeing the following and hoping to stumble upon new discoveries. 


1971 Design Space  

1971 is a multi-functional design space dedicated to exhibition, display and discussion on all forms of contemporary design ranging from graphics, furniture and interiors to interactive design and new design technologies. Through a mixture of curated exhibitions and public programmes, 1971 aims to become a regional and international design hub working closely with local designers, architects, schools and universities. 


Aljoud Lootah 

Aljoud Lootah, Oru Lamp

In “The Oru Series,” a collection of geometric furniture and decorative objects, pieces take inspiration from origami forms. The name “Oru” originates from the Japanese words “to fold”, and the idea behind the designs is to show that folding a flat, two-dimensional sheet can create aesthetically appealing functional three-dimensional forms. The multi-faceted products with their complex folds coupled with sophisticated simplicity, are a modern interpretation of an ancient form of art.

Lumière by Commonplace Studio


Consisting of 28 pendant lamps suspended in space, the installation creates a recognisable cloud-like form despite its seemingly random formation. Like a cloud the volume changes from vantage point to vantage point.

The view from under reveals moving images of various skies—from the serene to the sublime—that project onto the inner surface of each bulb. Powered by a network of custom built micro-projectors embedded within each lamp fixture, the lights orchestrate into a meteorologic spectacle.

With storms forming and dissipating on the clock, one can take solace in the saying, “if you don’t like the weather….just wait a few minutes.”


Starbrick by Olafur Eliasson

The Starbrick is a lighting module designed by Olafur Eliasson in collaboration with Zumtobel. The versatile module can be used in a number of ways: as a pendant, floor or table luminaire. Modules can be linked up to build free-standing or suspended sculptures, ceilings or walls. Modern LED technology provides for versatile lighting options. 


aher Oliver Samman, Swing, Luxury Leather Hammock For Indooroutdoor Use, Camel And Cow Leather From The UAE, 2 X 1 M , 2014




Here's a short clip featuring highlights from Design Days Dubai 2014 and you can read my review here