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A wrap up of movies in 2009 - part 2

Here's another lovely movie montage that covers movies made in the past year, 2009: The Cinescape. I posted another one called Cinema 2009 a few days ago which is slighlty longer, but brilliant.

2009 - Cinescape is made by Matt Shapiro aka oyguvaltshappy, a 17 year old aspiring film maker. It's a well made montage and it looks like he's get better at this year by year (he's been making these cinema retrospectives since 2006).

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Merry New Year

The first day of the new year in Dubai has been met with rain and hail storm. I didn't step out last night, and didn't step out today. Decided to enjoy being cosy at home and spend time with the family.

2009 had more downs than ups, so I hope 2010 will be different. Here's my personal wishlist for 2010:

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Music Video: Fan death - Reunited

If hitchiking can be this much fun, I'd give it a try. My favourite part is the Axl Rose impersonator.


A wrap up of movies in 2009

I don't know who Kees van Dijkhuizen but I want to be his friend. He's put together this great clip called Cinema 2009 - 1 Year, 342 Movies, 12 Months of Production, 7 Minutes. I love the editing and the music.

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Dubai International Film Festival 2009 - Review


The Dark Lens: The Dubai Invasion by Cedric Delsaux


Dubai International Film Festival 2009

The 6th edition of the Dubai International Film Festival is back this month, from 9th-16th Dec. With over 170 films from 55 countries in this year's line up, here's my top 15 recommendations to watch this year:

Corso: The Last Beat

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