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The Fridge Concert Series - Modern & Contemporary Dance

Next Monday will be the closing night of another series that has been going on for the past few weeks – The Fridge Concert Series. It will end with an evening dedicated to dance. 

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The Take-Away Shows - My two favourite videos

My last post about Miroir Noir and Vincent Moon made me go back to The Take-Away Shows site to watch my two favourite videos with Sigur Ros and Bloc Party. After watching them,  I decided to share them here, just because it's good to share.

I think both videos are so special and precious - and each one has a lovely write up explaining the background for each recording. I've included the links below.

Oh to have been in the same space during these recording sessions. Hope you enjoy this as much I do.

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Mahmovies! at thejamjar: Miroir Noir

Next Monday will be the closing night of Mahmovies! Music for the Eyes season. If you’ve been followng this blog, you will know I am a big fan of Mahmovies, so I know I will miss these special movie and music nights on Mondays, till the next season is announced.

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Dibs and Dips – a new bakery in town

Dibs & Dips is an upcoming Emirati bakery that will serve traditional sweets and pastry based on recipes from here and the rest of the Arabian Gulf.

An idea developed by Zeinab Al Hashemi, Dibs and Dips will give a new twist to something old and also create an awareness to the Emirati culture through food. 

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Review: Camp Ka Champ at Mahmovies

Updated on Thursday, February 18, 2010 at 1:23AM by Registered CommenterThe Culturist

Photo by Shady Enbashi -

Last night's Mahmovies at thejamjar was a very special night in Dubai. It started off with Sita Songs the Blues - which isn't what made the night special. It was the live singing performance after it that captured everyone's hearts.

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Inta Omri - You Are My Life

Inta Omri LP cover

Sounds of Arabia is a year long program of performance focusing on Arabic music organised by the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage and held at the Emirates Palace Auditorium. This monthly event showcases an elite selection of classical and contemporary Arab performers and their event this month will be dedicated to Um Kalthoum with Amal Maher and the Um Kalthoum Orchestra for Arabic Music playing tribute to her songs and music.

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For the Love of Film - The Film Preservation Blogathon 14th-21st Feb

I am taking part in a blogathon called For the Love of Film hosted by Self-Styled Siren and Ferdy on Film. The aim of this blogathon is to raise funds for the National Film Preservation Foundation - and independent, nonprofit organization created by the U.S. Congress to help save America’s film heritage. They work directly with archives to rescue endangered films that will not survive without public support.

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Legion of Extraordinary Dancers

I don't just love watching kids dance, I actually love dancing and love watching brilliant dancers even more. So here's a post about the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (LXD) - an elite group of dancers that will launch a new online dance series sometime this year, bringing us the "most innovative, entertaining performances that tell great stories".

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Dancing Superheroes

I love watching kids dance, especially when they are in superhero costumes. Watch these two kids  breakdancing whilst their father was testing his new video camera.


Now they are even more famous, they appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night. If I ever have kids, I want them to dance like this, and in superhero costumes of course.


Gulf Film Festival 2010 - Student Competition

The Gulf Film Festival is an annual event that aims to celebrate cinema from this region. The third edition of this festival is scheduled to happen from 8th-14th April. It's a great opportunity to watch movies from the Gulf region, which is growing slowly year by year. The festival does include a selection of international film as well.

There is also a competition open to students of all nationalities during their academic study or as part of a college project.

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