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London (Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger) by David Hubert

I adore London and when I saw this video by David Hubert, I wanted to get on a plane and fly there, stat. I am also loving the music, Yeah by Artist of the Year. Great video and music.

"I wanted to make a video of London while I was there in 2008 but I didn't have any camcorder, so I took pictures instead. In fact I took more then 3000 pictures and put them all together in less then 2 minutes." David Hubert


All the President's Pens

I was not aware of this tradition of the many pens used by the US President when it comes to signing a legislation. I think it's quite charming, even though it does make the final signature look somewhat jerky - and can you imagine the awkward waiting by everyone standing around when so many pens are involved to complete one signature?



The Thorn in the Heart by Michel Gondry

The Thorn in the Heart is Michel Gondry's latest movie about his family. This movie will probably explain why Michel Gondry is who he is. I cannot wait to see this. Probably will not come to a theatre near you in Dubai anytime soon though...

My family was a little bit like Pop family -- you know, like the families you could see in progressive sex education books at the end of the Sixties. On the first page you'd see the whole family out in the woods in flared blue jeans and then you'd turn the page and they'd all be standing naked, to let you know how good they were feeling together. From


AFOL a Blocumentary

AFOL, (pronounced awful) stands for Adult Fans of Lego and is a great 30 minutes 'blocumentary' by Jess Gibson that has opened my eyes to the world of Lego enthusiasts.

I love this quote from the movie by Robin Sather, an LCP (Lego Certified Professional), "If your peculiarities can survive your adolescent years into college, you're gonna be okay and usually they start to flower into college.”

Yes, they are a bunch of nerds, but the ones that are actually cool. I admire and adore anybody that use their hands to create things and the group in this video are so passionate about what they do, and I want to hug them all.


Life on the Creek by Ashraf Helmi

Ashraf Helmi has out together this video capturing a more chilled side of Dubai by Deira Creek, my favourite part of Dubai. The sites, sounds and even the smell is something that has always stayed with me from my childhood and I still enjoy walking around that part of town, even though I've not done so for a while.

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Giant Graffiti Mural by Aerosol Arabic at Tashkeel

Mohammed Ali from Aerosol Arabic, a UK based graffiti artist was commissioned by Tashkeel to create a large scale mural in collaboration with artists living and working in the UAE. I am so glad Tashkeel is making use of the lovely and large garden space it has - it will be even more fun to spend time there.

Photo by Ammar Mohammed Al Attar
Photo by Ammar Mohammed Al Attar

This project has been in progress since 13th March and the unveiling of the completed wall to the public will happen on 22nd March at 7pm, where the artist will also give a talk about the project.

The art on the wall has been inspired by the language and people of the region and depicts the past, present and hints towards the future.

I hope this is the start of many murals around this city. We need to see art outdoors and not just confined to gallery walls.

Event details:
Date: Monday, 22nd Mar at 7pm
Location: Nad Al Sheba 1, intersection street 5 and 20 (location map)


Magnum Cinema at Kashta Gallery

Eve Arnold. USA. Nevada. US actress Marilyn Monroe on the Nevada desert going over her lines for a difficult scene she is about to play with Clarke Gable in the film "The Misfits" by John Huston. 1960. Copyright Eve Arnold/Magnum Photos.
Magnum Cinema is making a stop in Dubai and is exhibiting at Kashta Gallery in Jumeirah Emirates Towers till 15th April

A wonderful selection of 124 photographs from the Magnum archive focusing on cinema features work spanning over 50 years and includes photos taken on film sets and behind the scenes of Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe, Ingrid Bergman, James Dean, to name a few.

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Perception and Reality by Alexa Meade

Alexa Meade is an artist that paints on people and three dimensional objects and spaces - creating live paintings blurring the lines between perception and reality.

I love art that makes you look twice to figure out what you are seeing and Alexa Meade accomplishes this very well. It must be quite an experience to see her work in person.

For next halloween, I'm going to go as a live painting, Alexa Meade style!

See more of her work below. It really is amazing.

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Best thing in 2010 so far - The Trololo Man

The Trololo Man is my favourite story of 2010 so far, and I love that there is a site dedicated to him and this song, the wonderfully titled,

This tune has been on my mind for a while, even whilst I'm at work in meetings, I've got the trololo tune on my mind and I'm worried I will start singing it out loud when I shouldn't.

Eduard Khil is the Trololo Man and he's gaining popularity around the world and there's even a petition for him to go on a world tour.

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Art Dubai 2010

James Clar, For You Anything, 2010. Medical X-Rays, Acrylic, FL Tubes

The 4th edition of Art Dubai starts this week, between 17th-20th March. Over 70 galleries from 30 countries will be taking part, plus a line up of events including the Global Art Forum, the Abraaj Capital Art Prize and special projects curated by Bidoun Projects will be part of the schedule this year.

One can feel a bit 'arted-out' after this event, because there is a lot to see and do. But I am looking forward to seeing some new local and international art

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